5 Great Hair Treatments for Healthier Hair

Moisture and hydration is a must for any hair type, but it also needs essential nutrients. No one wants dry, dull and brittle hair; so finding a good conditioner and/or treatment is key.
I must admit that I am sometimes guilty of neglecting my hair, although I prefer to say busy taking care of two small children, I can’t find the time to do anything fancy but wash and go. To be honest it can be such a task sometimes. Whatever struggles you are having with your hair, whether it be heat damage or over processed hair, we do need to take care of our hair on a regular basis by using some sort of treatment for healthy beautiful hair.

We all want to have shiny, healthy hair without overspending on pricey products and treatments; at least I know I do. There are a lot of DIY methods for healthy shiny hair using all-natural hair oils but again, I am sometimes lazy to do that and I use the excuse that I have kids, a full time wife, and a full time job, I just can’t find the time to make any kind of concoction at home. So whether you are a DIY type of gal or just kinda lazy like me, you have fine or coarse tresses, the point is that we all want to have healthy hair. Here are a few of the products I rotate through to achieve that:08818199244_FULLBiolage Hydratherapie Ultra-Hydrating Balm
Conditioners are great for moisturizing, hydrating and helping to treat dry and damaged hair.

It is an intense rinse out cream, formulated with botanical properties extracted from rosemary and deep conditioners. It is designed to replenished dry or over stressed hair and helps to seal the cuticle and locks out humidity to ease away frizz. It hydrates hair leaving it deeply moisturized for soft manageable hair.
The acidity in conditioners helps to close your hair cuticles which in turn give your hair the shiny, smooth look we all love.
This works like a deep conditioner and is very thick. I would not recommend this for very fine hair; it will make it flat and limp but for extremely dry, thick and difficult hair, I think you will love this product. Moroccanoil-Treatment-100ml

Moroccan oil
This is a light formula that instantly absorbed and helps to eliminate frizz and restoring shine and softness to dull damaged hair, and giving the results of healthy silky hair. Moraccoan oil has the ability to restore damaged hair, leaving curls shiny, soft and not weigh down. It restores shine and softness, and strengthens brittle hair. This oil is very nourishing for your hair as it hydrates and revives the hair protecting it from environmental factors.

Coconut Oil
A few years ago I noticed that my husband has been purchasing coconut oil for what I thought was for cooking purposes. But no, he was using it as his personal skin care and for so many other things as well. I had heard stories that it was good for skin but I had never tried it before. So I did some research and found out it has amazing hair care benefits. I was ecstatic since I struggle with my hair on a regular basis due to it being dry and frizzy.
It works very well in repairing damaged hair that has been over-processed, heat damaged or just naturally dry, like mine. It is great for maintaining healthy hair and scalp as the moisturizing effect prevents build-up for dry skin on the scalp which can cause dandruff. There are many articles online on how you can use Coconut Oil as a hair treatment or hair mask, especially a deep conditioning treatment.

I use Coconut Oil as a “Pre-Washing” Moisture Treatment. It is an amazing hair conditioner and a great repair treatment, use with heat or alone.

With the various benefits of Coconut Oil, it takes gentle care of your hair by revitalizing and sealing in moisture. It contains antibacterial and antifungal properties and is rich in sources of vitamin E, vitamin K and iron. It can be used for damaged hair, hair conditioning, moisture retention, styling, anti-dandruff, split ends and so much more to aide in the health of your hair.Macadamia-Deep-Repair-Masque-180249
Macadamia Deep Repair Masque
Macadamina Deep Repair Masque is a hair reconstructor that will penetrate, rejuvenates and rebuilds dry damaged hair.
It contains a combination of macadamia and argan oils infused with tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe and algae extracts this masque will rejuvenate, revitalizes, and rebuild the hair shaft, leaving it deeply nourished for improved elasticity and shine with long-lasting conditioning benefits.

This deep conditioner revitalizes dry, damaged hair. It is thick and luxurious and leaves your hair manageable soft. It helps to fix dry damaged hair and improves elasticity so you’re left with stronger, shiny and healthier hair. This is great for all hair types. k2-_ecf45dcf-4043-4a30-a5ab-468f977a4638.v1
Dove Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner
This is a conditioner and treatment in one and it revitalizes frizzy hair while deeply nourishing and replenishing for smoothness, softness and shine.
It leaves your hair feeling soft and hydrated without extra weight or build-up and can transform dry, rough and frizzy hair as it is formulated with weightless nutria-oils that replenish essential nutrients.

I find that it makes my hair manageable, silky, and bouncy and the best part is that it is inexpensive and you can find it at your drugstore.

What are some of your favorite hair treatment(s) for healthier hair? Share them with us.