Few names in the world of watchmaking are as instantly recognisable as Swiss. The country has earned its reputation for style from the unique flair of its designs and the intricacy of its manufacturing. The durability of a well-made Swiss watch makes it an excellent long term investment.

One of the most attractive things about Swiss watches from the point of view of the consumer is that regardless of how much money one spends, they can be sure that they are getting everything that one could want in a quality watch. They are durable, stylish, and reasonably priced.

For less than $1500, it is possible to get a quality Swiss watch, from one of the leading brands in horology. Below are five of the best all round Swiss watches available in this price range.



TAG Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph Men’s Steel

The TAG Heuer brand has a reputation for delivering the Swiss watch experience at a reasonable price point. The Formula 1 retails for $1,020 which is an absolute bargain, as you see when you take a closer look at the piece.

On the design front, the Formula 1 is a solid piece. It is bold and has a presence, but maintains the delicacy that the Swiss brand is known for. It is robust and well built, but also dense, taking up a modest amount of space given its heft.

The detailing around the edges is beautifully extenuated by subtle use of the iconic Formula One Red to really emphasise the watch’s sleek design. The watch stands out amongst even the more expensive TAG Heuer models, as can be seen by comparing the Chronoexpert luxury watches.


Savoy Epic 36mm IP Rose Gold & Diamond

This watch is the very definition of Swiss elegance. It is available with either a black or white backing with both options offering something very different but equally beautiful.

The Savoy Epic is definitely on the pricier side, hitting the upper limit of that $1500 ceiling, but it is a correspondingly luxurious piece.

Both the white and black backed options feature some intricate detailing on the outer rim. These patterns form the outer edge of the watch face, which is in turn embedded in a solid rose gold body.

Corum Bubble Ladies Steel

The Corum Bubble embodies a more playful approach to design, but without making any sacrifices in the overall quality of the piece. The case is made of steel which sits elegantly alongside the rose colour of the face.

The blue, crocodile leather strap that is standard with the Bubble is a tactile and aesthetically pleasing material and the steel folding clasp ensures that it sits securely on the owner’s wrist.

Hublot MDM Geneve Chronograph Men’s Steel and Gold

The Hublot MDM is one of the more affordable watches for those looking for a Swiss made piece. This watch is available for as little as $600.

Despite the low price tag, the piece is still a luxury option, featuring a steel and gold case with sapphire crystal glass. The overall design is a minimalistic one that prioritises the simple and effective over the ostentatious.



Maurice Lacroix Eliros Date Men’s Steel

This watch features a large face with only a thin outer ring to border it. The design is bold, and by going for a minimalist design Maurice Lacroix have created something remarkable in its simplicity.

For just $870 this piece offers the very best of innovative Swiss design with their sturdy craftsmanship. Sapphire crystal glass and a steel case make for a very durable piece.


Owning a luxury Swiss watch is no longer out of reach for the average consumer. For those who care about the quality of the watch on their wrist, there can be no substitute for the quality of a Swiss piece.


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