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So we are now in the Fall season but soon the winter season will be upon us where the days will be much colder. Here are some ways you can ensure your hair stays healthy and beautiful despite the cold temperature outside or the dry air inside.

Deep Condition
Heat will be drying during the winter months and dry heat and cold weather can damage hair follicles and strips it of all the moisture. Dry hair breaks easily so Deep Conditioning will restore your hair of the nutrients and replenish the moisture that it loses during the harsh temperatures. Deep Conditioning the hair provides a preventative measure to ensure that there is as little damage to the hair as possible. Deep conditioning will hydrate and conditions the hair and your hair’s elasticity will improve because of the emollients and other moisturizing ingredients in the conditioner. It is also good to use an intensive daily conditioner.

Avoid Heat
Avoid heat as much as possible such as flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons as these are going to pull the moisture from your hair and dries out your hair even more during the winter months. If you must use heat, ensure you are using a good heat styling product such as a protective serum for blow drying and flat ironing. Also, use a cooler setting for your heat styling devices.

Just like our skin needs moisture, so does our hair. Your hair can be more dry and brittle in winter and as a result be more delicate and fragile. A lot of times when I think about winter and my hair, I think split ends, dry ends and brittle frizzy hair. The winter months can be harsh and quite drying so keeping your hair moisturized is a must especially when it is been exposed to the elements. Use a hydrating moisturizer to fight the chill winter wind and give your hair a quenching boost to help repair and nourish the damage caused by the cold.

Trim Those Ends
In order to maintain strong healthy hair, regular trims are a great way to keep your hair healthy and beautiful during the cold season. This will help prevent any breakage during the winter months and it will help to reduce the chance of dry split ends.

Avoid Hot Water
Remember that your hair can be more drying and brittle in the winter, and thus be much more delicate. This actually goes back to avoiding heat. Believe it or not, this is my biggest problem. I love hot showers and when it is the winter time, I am the worst for hot showers and my hair suffers. Hot water is drying to hair so always try and rinse your hair in lukewarm or even cold water (blurrrr) for smooth, shiny hair all year round!

Wash Less
Especially for the curly hair gals out there. This is something I already do, whether or not it is winter. I wash my hair once to twice per week so I can retain the moisture in my hair and to prevent having dry frizzy hair. By washing your hair less, it will prevent your hair from drying out too much.

These are just some of the methods I use on a regular and/or daily basis but I utilize them more so in the winter months for healthier beautiful and more manageable hair. Try them and let me know what your tips are for protecting your hair during the harsh winter months?