Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion Compact in Tan GoldAmore-Pacific-Color-Control-Cushion-Compact-Tan-Gold006As Cushion Compacts filters into the western world of cosmetics, I’ve been interested in trying them but never took the plunge in purchasing one until Amore Pacific team reached out and offered to send one for me to test. AmorePacific is an Asian (Korean) skincare company and cushion compacts has been a big thing in Asia, and the trend is finally here in North America!

After reviewing the chart guide provided by the Amore Pacific team, I was having difficulty choosing between Tan Gold 204 and Amber Gold 208. Without looking at it and swatching it in person, it was hard to tell which color was best suited for my medium/olive complexion so I decided to go with Tan Gold 204 to try. I’ve been using this for a few weeks and I am really impressed with it.Amore-Pacific-Color-Control-Cushion-Compact-Tan-Gold004The compact is round and comes with a mirror and a spot for the sponge. It has a large slot inside which contains the fluid which is then released when the sponge is touched. The air in the cushion allows the formula to be dispensed evenly every time the applicator presses the cushion and the sponge is very thin and absorbs the perfect amount of product to apply to the skin. The application method is easy; just gently press it into the skin and then blend with the sponge but do not swipe the product on! When I dip my finger into the sponge, it was soaking wet with foundation yet never leaks or spills. You can use the supplied sponge or a dense brush, whatever your preference. I would recommend washing the puff every couple weeks to avoid bacterial build up. It is also very easy to pop out to replace with the extra refill.Amore-Pacific-Color-Control-Cushion-Compact-Tan-Gold001Amore-Pacific-Color-Control-Cushion-Compact-Tan-Gold002Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion Compact is a light to light-medium coverage foundation with a naturally luminous finish. Said to have Asian botanicals, including Bamboo Sap, Green Tea Seed Oil and Camellia Sinesis flower extracts, it brightens and prevent skin irritation/redness/puffiness while providing antioxidant protection. It has a lightweight texture that is long wearing, moisturizing, and looks like healthy skin. It evens out the skin, gives a natural glow and is easy to build. I have sensitive skin but this did not irritate my face or cause any breakouts. It doesn’t get cakey like some foundations because of its lightweight texture. Some may need concealer to cover any heavy redness or dark under-eye circles. It has a high SPF of 50 and protects against UVA/UVB and prevent future signs of aging. This is a very natural glowy product that melts into the skin unlike any other foundation I’ve tried and leaves skin supple and smooth with a healthy-looking finish. I would recommending setting it with a powder especially if you’re on the oily side. The wet liquid glides on to the skin without settling into enlarged pores, fine lines nor does it cling to dry areas; rather it creates a natural, light level coverage that stays in place for a good 8 hours for a smooth flawless appearance. It is not creamy which I initially thought it would be, rather it is wet; wetter than any other liquid foundation I have tried.Amore-Pacific-Color-Control-Cushion-Compact-Tan-Gold008The only disappointment was the color match. Looking at it in the compact, it looks like it would be the perfect match to my complexion; however, it translates very differently on the skin. Tan Gold 204 is a little light for me but after a few minutes of application, it oxides about a shade up and matches my skin fairly well and stay the same color throughout the day. It actually doesn’t look like I am wearing any foundation at all, which is quite impressive. It makes my skin feel more hydrated and healthier. It has a very strong perfume scent that subsided within a few minutes, but if you don’t like scented foundation or have a sensitive smell, then you may not like this.

Amore Pacific’s Color Control Cushion Compact comes in 5 skin-perfecting shades which promise to work with the fairest to the darkest skin tones with three pink undertones and two yellow undertones. You can find the Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion Compact online at Amore Pacific, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, and Sephora for US $60.00 / CAD $72.00 which also includes a full size refill.Amore-Pacific-Color-Control-Cushion-Compact-Tan-Gold003Amore-Pacific-Color-Control-Cushion-Compact-Tan-Gold005Amore-Pacific-Color-Control-Cushion-Compact-Tan-Gold007*The Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion Compact was provided courtesy of Amore Pacific for my unbiased consideration, all opinions stated are expressly my own. Read my full disclosure statement here.