If you’re a fan of Korean sheet masks and use them on a regular basis, then you’ll be excited to learn of these new sheet masks from Aroma Yong. Aroma Yong is a Korean organic skincare brand based on Jeju Island and the skincare products are made of organic materials harvested from Jeju Island, blended with essential oils blended with international aroma therapists. As the season changes, these sheet masks are perfect to help protect our skin from the harsh weather and in my opinion, nothing hydrates my skin better than a good sheet mask. I have dry/combo skin but it gets significantly drier in the winter time so for me extra hydration is a must.

There are three different types of sheet masks from Aroma Yong:


  • Fresh Mandarin Aromatherapy Mask for Brightening & Firming Effect: With Extract of organic Opuntia cccinllifera fruit (cactus fruits of Jeju) that contains the pure nature of Jeju Island and natural jojoba seed oil, this sheet mask gives a dual moisturizing effect that hold moist lock in. It provides strong whitening and skin elasticity enhancing and also vitalized and enhanced skin elasticity.AROMA YONG SHEET MASKS REVIEW
  • Lovely Geranium Aromatherapy Mask for Firming Effect & Moisture-coating: With organic Opuntia coccinellifera fruit extract and Sasa quelpaertensis extract ingredients like the nature of clean Jeju Island; this provides anti-wrinkle and resilience benefit. The natural jojoba oil coats the skin and provides excellent dual hydration effect. This particular sheet mask is for the “FACE & NECK” as there is an extra piece in the package specifically for the neck area. This allows for that area to also get some of the hydrating and antiaging goodness this mask provides. Both pieces fit perfectly on the face and neck without falling off.AROMA YONG SHEET MASKS REVIEW
  • Cool Mint Aromatherapy Mask for Soothing & Moisture-coating: With organic Sasa quelpaertensis extract ingredients like the nature of clean Jeju Island and natural jojoba seed oil, it gives a dual moisturizing effect that hold moist in with safe natural ingredients that provides a soothing solution for red, sensitive and acne-prone skin. This mask also tightens the pores on oily skin, moisturizing, and sebum control.

All of these masks are formulated with organic ingredients from the island of Jeju, with added natural aromatic oil into each mask pack and provides long-lasting moisturizing effect for all skin types. The sheets are also naturally biodegradable eco-friendly sheet and so the mask material is thick and soft; and they’re all:

-Fast Responding Relief & Moisturizing Coating

-Healing time with comfortable breathing

-Skin Barrier Protection Coating Barrier

-Benefits of goods nourishing ingredients

-Fast responding soothing

AROMA YONG SHEET MASKS REVIEWSheet masks are an incredibly popular way to mask. These sheet masks are shaped to fit your facial contours, and are soaked in a concentrated lotion-serum that can help deliver a range of beauty benefits. These sheet masks will help hydrate the skin, improve skin texture, and minimize the appearance of your pores over time. Unlike traditional face masks which get rinsed off after a period of time, most sheet masks are worn for up to 15 minutes and don’t require any rinsing. As such, they’re a great, mess-free masking pick for frequent travelers and gals on the go. You can also pop these in your gym bags, carry-ons, and purses for easy and convenient access whenever you have an extra 10-20 minutes of downtime. These also make great gifts for friends and family.

After cleansing my skin, I unwrapped the sheet mask and applied it onto my skin and left it on for 10-20 minutes—as per the instructions. Immediately I noticed my skin felt clean and fresh. My face also felt very refreshing, cooling and soft. These doesn’t have a strong scent because of how natural they are. After I removed the mask, I could tell that my skin felt great, a lot more hydrated and refresh. These masks became a new weekend ritual for me. What’s more, the product is free of parabens, mineral oils and other nasties.

If you’re interested in these or curious to try them, pop over to; and grab a couple, they’re only USD $5.


Let me know if you try these or share your favorite K-Beauty Sheet Masks with me in the comments below.



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