Best Picks of the Little Black DressBest Picks of LBD

LBD or the Little Black Dresses are every woman’s favourite outfit. Whether she is a total fashionista or she likes to keep her style minimal, these beautiful one piece dresses are the perfect option for party wear dresses.

Like other pieces, LBD’s area good choice because they radiate style in your personality but LBD’s have some advantages over another kind of one piece dresses. They can be styled pretty well, and you can do a lot of fun with the LBD’s to style yourself the way you like. From a corporate wear to a pool party wear, LBD’s can be blended and be presented everywhere.

So here we have collected five essential Little Black dresses, which are the best picks every girl needs to have in her closet –

The quintessential LBD:

We are calling it quintessential because essentially a little black dress is supposed to be a knee length, a purely black hued one piece which is tailored to fit your body and show off your natural curves is what you should look for. This is the purpose of an LBD, Isn’t it? So a lady most definitely must possess a quintessential LBD.

Best Picks of LBD1

Style Tips: Since it is a plain black outfit, you can dress it up with almost anything- bangles, junk jewellery, pearls, diamonds, stones, et al. basically anything under the sun will go well with an LBD!

The Sheath LBD:

Since the whole world is going crazy over working out, every woman is exploring the better side of her body. And since her better side or better shape is out, why would not she show it off. Sheath dresses have this advantage in dresses for women. They are the perfect figure flattering outfits that beautify and definitely compliment their bodies. And this is why they are very much in fashion these days.

Best Picks of LBD2

Style Tips: Try a sheath little black dress with lace work done all over its neckline. No need to wear jewels over your neck, but instead pair up heavy earrings with your dress and complete the look with a hair bun.

Stripped LBD:

Stripes are those kinds of prints which are always in vogue and LBD’s with stripes look equally trendy. The good thing is that these horizontal print dresses suit every body type.

Also, they feature in every fashion week, because stripped outfits are evergreen.

Best Picks of LBD3

Style Tips: Stripes are such prints which can be worn as casuals as well as office wear. So you can pair up a stripped LBD with leather ballerinas, while pairing up the dress with punk pink ballerina footwear.

Shift Style LBD:

Do you like collars in every dress whether it’s a kurta or a t-shirt? If yes, then you would love shift style dresses which look amazingly well with collars and short sleeves.

Shift styles are not very close fitted like sheath dresses, and hence they are little loose. So if you prefer to move your hands and feet comfortably, then a shift dress is a perfect choice for you.

Best Picks of LBD4

Style Tips: Pair the Shift style LBD with tanned platforms. Shades of leather look quite sultry with LBD’s.

The LBD with Polka dots:

Last but not the least in LBD must haves is a Polka dot Little Black Dress. Polka dots have been a popular choice since the 70s, though the trend was not much seen from last few seasons but in 2016 the fashion is back. So for in dresses for women, polka dots LBD is a beautifully unique pick.

Best Picks of LBD5

Style Tips: Though red and maroon heels look good with polka prints, but wine-hued heels can be a sizzling choice.

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