I am sure a few of you are familiar with BIODERMA, a French skincare line, especially their famous micellar water (review here). Over the last year I have become a huge fan of the brand, because it is so hydrating and great for sensitive skin. Also, I have honestly never been disappointed with any of the products I’ve try from the brand. Bioderma’s line consists of 6 different ranges of skincare products designed specifically to suit every skin type and concern; however, today, I’ll limit my post to the ATODERM line for very dry to atopic sensitive skin.

Atoderm PP Baume* (CAD $29.95) – This is a 24-hr. long-lasting moisturizing cream. Prior to receiving this PP Baume from Bioderma, I had also purchased this myself because I had used a sample and I loved it so much that I purchased the full size. My seven year old daughter has very dry sensitive skin and it seems no matter what body lotion I try on her, it doesn’t help the itchiness she feels. This is the only thing that has helped her. She is no longer scratching herself to the point of breaking her skin. I was so excited when Bioderma send me a full size bottle as well. The Atoderm PP Balm prevents severe and recurring skin dryness because Vitamin PP/B3 and moisturising agents repair and strengthen the skin barrier. It naturally defends itself better against external stress. It lastingly soothes irritation and itching thanks to the presence of zanthalene. The Atoderm PP Baume has been so amazing and feels so hydrating! It is paraben free, fragrance free and hypoallergenic.


Atoderm Levres Moisturising Stick(CAD $6.95) – A daily moisturising and soothing stick for the lips for dry and damaged lips. I don’t have dry lips, thankfully but I like keeping my lips hydrated and I always wear a lip balm whether or not I am wearing lipsticks or when I’m just at home lounging around. I have tried many lip balms over the years and there are a handful that I really love. I can say that is one has definitely made that list. Its highly nourishing active ingredient, shea butter, biologically repairs and regenerates weakened lips. I love that it is very hydrating and doesn’t feel oily, thick or waxy on the lips, something I hate. It has a nice light raspberry scent.

Atoderm Gentle Shower Gel(CAD $19.95, 1L) – This is a daily gentle soap-free cleansing shower gel that respects the skin. Thanks to its moisturising agents, Atoderm Shower gel softens and protects the skin and its soothing properties of Atoderm Shower gel reduce sensations of tightness. This has a lovely light, fresh and clean scent that wasn’t overwhelming. It lathers up nicely and rinses off really well. I did not find this drying but I also did not find it particular moisturizing to the skin so you’ll still need to follow up with a body lotion as you should. This is a great shower gel for sensitive skin and I must say that I really like the pump, very practical!

You can find Bioderma online, at Murale and Shoppers Drug Mart. I would love to know some of your favourite skincare products from the brand.


*Some of these products were sent to me and one purchased myself.