In April, I did a little Birthday shopping and hauled a few Charlotte Tilbury goodies including her newest Hollywood Flawless Filter. Called a “complexion booster” by Charlotte Tilbury, it has the versatility of a primer, the mega-watt glow of a highlighter, and the perfecting properties of your favourite digital filter. The magic behind the makeup starts with Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘airbrush polymers’ and finely milled powders, which smooth over fine lines and pores, minimizing their appearance for a flawless effect. As well, porcelain flower extract (rich in antioxidants and derived from a delicate Thai flower) brightens skin beautifully.


There are seven shades in total and I have the Shade 5, which is a neutral caramel for medium tan skin tones. I initially wanted Shade 4; however, it was sold out everywhere online and so I opted for Shade 5 which turns out to be quite perfect for me.

Shade 1 is a neutral beige for very fair skin.

Shade 2 is a neutral peachy beige for fair skin.

Shade 3 is a neutral peach for light to medium skin.

Shade 4 is a neutral golden yellow for medium skin tones.

Shade 5 is a neutral caramel for medium tan skin tones.

Shade 6 is a warm amber for deep skin tones.

Shade 7 is a deep bronze for dark skin tones.


I was a little confused when I first heard of this to be honest (is it a highlighter? a foundation? a primer or do you mix with foundation?; how the heck do you use it?). So what did I do? — Well I tried it a couple different ways – call it experimenting. I know it doesn’t work just as a primer or just as a foundation for me because no matter how dry I am, I don’t want to look like a disco ball and I also want some coverage. So I found that what works perfectly for me is when I mixed it with my foundation — and tapped a little extra onto the high points of my face on top of foundation. Oh my goodness, my skin was glowing but just a beautiful lit-from-within glow, not shiny, glittery or sparkly at all. By the way, the way I mix this with my foundation is by swiping on a few stripes on the face and dot in foundation on the forehead, cheeks and chin and then go in with my beauty sponge.

It is very pigmented and easy to blend. It has a dewy finish that doesn’t get greasy and really has such a beautiful glow. Now I wouldn’t say this has the versatility of a mega-watt glow highlighter as claimed, but it really does give you an airbrush look. Yes, you can get similar effect with other liquid illuminators but there’s just something about this that just works beautifully for me. I find that my pores appear a little smoother and skin-tone evens out. This really is an amazing complexion booster that just melts right into the skin and layers well with liquid foundations. I love that it doesn’t make me look shimmery but gives a soft-focus, illuminate skin. Definitely worth looking into if you love glowy looks!


You can find this at Charlotte Tilbury online or in Holt Renfrew if you’re in Canada for US $44 / CAD $50.00.



Ann-Marie x






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