CLARINS SOS PRIMERSI’ve been testing out a few new primers from Clarins. 90% of the time I do wear a primer under my foundation because I find that they extend the wear time of my makeup and makes my makeup sits better and looks better on my face. But I’ve also found many of them that don’t really do much to extend the wear of makeup and end up adding an extra layer of product on my face that I don’t really need. There are so many different options on the market today it can be overwhelming. Different products offer a multitude of effects. Some will smooth the overall look of your skin, add a glow, or give a matte look and then there are some that are just basic primers to help the application of your foundation.

CLARINS SOS PRIMERSThe Clarins SOS range launched in February with 6 lightweight, oil-free, sheer-textured primers designed for dull and tired complexions. A makeup and skincare hybrid in one, each of them features a comfortable, melting formula, saturated with color pigments coated in amino acids; so pigments have perfect affinity with the skin; making your complexion look more even and makeup prolonged. Thanks to the High Lumitech complex to correct, it instantly revive and brightens the complexion, as well as boost radiance and blurs imperfections with mother-of-pearl and 3D light pigments. SOS Primer is enriched with organic sea lily extract to deliver 24-hour hydration to the skin.

The SOS Primer is inspired by the concept of the color wheel: two opposite shades cancel each other out. SOS Primer delivers ideal colour correction adapted to your specific needs, regardless of skintone or skincare concerns. Each primer comes in a pump tube that guarantees precise, mess-free use. It is very convenient and travel friendly.

00 Universal Light: Boosts radiance, brightens the face.

01 Rose: Minimizes signs of tiredness and revitalizes the complexion.

02 Peach: Conceals imperfections and evens out skin tone.

03 Coral: Visibly minimizes dark spots, evens out the complexion.

04 Green: Diminishes redness, evens out the complexion.

05 Lavender: Visibly brightens sallow complexions.

CLARINS SOS PRIMERSCLARINS SOS PRIMERSI’ve been playing with these Clarins SOS Primers for well over a month or more now and I must say I’m impressed. 00 Universal Light is great for brightening the skin and providing hydration. This one is also great for mixing in with your foundation to add some radiance, especially a matte foundation or you can also use it to lighten up a darker foundation. It is on the shimmering side compare to the others as it has a bright white formula. It is actually the one I use the most because it’s so hydrating and brightening. I’ve never used a Green color corrector before but this one was very effective at diminishing the look of redness I sometimes get around my nose and mouth area and soothing the skin. I quite enjoy the 05 Lavender as well, as it brightens the skin and makes you look awake. Though not as hydrating as the three I mentioned above, I actually love using 02 Peach (it has a beige pigment) and I often mix this one in with Univeral Light most of the time. 03 Coral (light orange pigment) is perfect at evening out complexion irregularities and any dark circles – I don’t use this one a lot because I don’t really have those skin concerns. The Peach and Coral are also great for acne scarring, pigmentation and dark spots to help balance light and dark tones in the skin. I don’t get too much use out of 01 Rose due to the pink pigments but this one is great at revitalizing the complexion and instantly restoring a fresh look.

CLARINS SOS PRIMERSThese have a smooth velvety lightweight texture that just melts into the skin and allows the skin to breath. They are comfortable on the skin; not sticky or heavy at all. They glide on to the skin and make it super hydrated and comfortable.  You can use these SOS Primers in a multitude of ways: use one shade all over the face, mix with your foundation, mix and match the formulas to create your own cocktail; or target specific areas by colour correcting. Color-correcting primers are nothing new, but I think there is a good shade range for everyone to address their different concerns. Like any primer, I usually apply these after my moisturizer/sunscreen. They all work wonderful on my dry/combo skin. If I am being honest, the only thing I dislike about these are the smell. They smell like nail polish remover (IMO) but that’s only if you purposely sniff the product. You will not smell it once it’s on the face so that’s not a deal breaker for me at all and the scent disappears after a while. This is a great line of primers and definitely recommend you checking them out!

You can find the Clarins SOS Primers range HERE and at Hudson’s Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart if you’re in Canada for CAD $39 each (30ml).

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