You’ve heard of the capsule wardrobe, a pared down system to declutter your pile of clothes leaving with several chic ensembles that you can mix and match depending on your situation. Now meet the capsule make-up collection, an innovative way of getting rid of all that bronzer and all those palettes of colour that you’re never going to use and helping you to create a signature look that can be adapted for day or night.

In this blog we take a look at how to get your capsule colours in place and make the right choice for your cosmetic essentials.

Get Real

You’ve got your home collection of cosmetic products, your on-the-go bag and a few other baskets and cabinets hiding various makeup odds and ends. Gather them all together and put them in one big heap on your table. You’ll be surprised at just how much you’ve managed to accumulate and how very little you use some products, if at all.

The first thing to do is to ask yourself which products you’ve used in the last three to six months. Be ruthless, take those concealers and lipsticks and throw them away. If they’re unused, you might consider donating them to a charity that passes them on to other women.

Keep an eye out for products that have gone out of date. Not only will they not give you the best effect, they may also lead to eye infections and skin breakouts.

Once you’ve completed your big sort out, it’s time to think about defining your look and the tools you’re going to need to achieve it.

Think Strategic

By getting rid of the stuff you don’t use, you’re already one step nearer to getting down to your essentials. Think strategically by keeping your large neutral palettes of eye colours, with one or two bolder choices on hand in case you need to create a more dramatic effect. Think the same for your lipsticks, opting for quality satin liptstick over cheap non-wearing brands every time.

Keep products that double-up and save you space, for example that expensive hydrating lip moisturiser that also makes a fabulous lip gloss.

Consider building your own palette. Take out the ones you use from your favourite sets and create your own by using an empty palette box. Get rid of the ones you never touch and you’ll save on time searching for just the right colour and space as you get rid of all the boxes that you no longer need.

Check Your Accessories

Alongside your cosmetics you’ll no doubt find a whole pile of brushes, sponges and other applicators. You will need to throw a lot of the older ones away but keep hold of anything that still gives you great coverage.

Make sure to wash your sponges and brushes regularly in hot water and with a makeup brush cleaner that removes old products and any dirt or bacteria that remains there, which may lead to an infection or irritation.

Reduce Storage

Rather than have your cosmetics scattered around your home, find a clear storage box for them all and use this as a base for all your products. Only take what you need in your makeup purse and just change up makeup when you need to, depending on what you’re doing and where you’re going.

Think about reducing you space and you’ll save time, rummaging around your house trying to find where you put that lipstick or eyelash curler.

Go For Quality

Finally think about quality over quantity every time. We may not be able to curb your makeup buying habit but we can persuade you to buy something you love over the decision to buy a lower grade quality item on a whim.

If that means saving for that amazing lipstick then commit to that, treat yourself to products that ooze quality and don’t need constant touch ups throughout the day or evening.

When you love cosmetics, give yourself the best with a makeup box that says quality all the way. Don’t settle for second best, create a palette that speaks your style.

Be ruthless when it comes to decluttering and give yourself a break from having to search high and low for that mascara you know you put down somewhere. Throw out all the half used, or never used items and clean up your applicators to give you the best chance of creating a look that’s just right. Turn heads with your capsule look, day and night.


Ann-Marie x


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