Creating A Quicker And Easier Beauty Regime

Even if the most girly of girls can’t help but think that sometimes it would be nice if getting ready didn’t take so long. If you didn’t have to take up so much time with your beauty regime, you could stay in bed for 10 mins extra in the morning. Or, you could watch the late night news without missing out on your beauty sleep. But is there anything you can actually to do to reduce the time it takes to complete your beauty routines? Read on to find out.

Daily Skin Care

Daily skin care can be one of the most time-consuming parts of your beauty regime. This is because you need to complete it twice every day. Once in the morning and then once again in the evening.


Creating A Quicker And Easier Beauty Regime

A traditional daily skincare routine usually involves washing the face. Then cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. All four steps are performed because washing and cleansing your face opens up the pores so any dirt can be removed. Then you need to tone to close the pores back up again. Finally, the moisturizer nourishes the skin for the day or night ahead.

But do you have to keep to this strict regime? Well, the answer is a resounding… maybe. The occasional night where you just take your makeup off and slather on a bit of moisturizer isn’t going to cause catastrophe. But you don’t want to be doing it all the time. Especially if you are in your thirties or older. As this is the time that you really need to start looking after your skin as much as possible.

There are products that can help you make your routine quicker, though. Instead, of using a foaming face wash or cleanser why not try micellar water or wipes. These are infused with ingredients that attract dirt and makeup debris making it quick and gentle to clean your face.

Daily Makeup

Most women wear some makeup every day, so they know how long it takes to put on. There are two option that you can choose from if you want to shorten this time.

Creating A Quicker And Easier Beauty Regime

The first is to look for products that make the application speedier. For example, you can get BB creams which are light coverage foundations that also include moisturizers as well as SPFs. This means you only need to perform one step in the morning instead of three!

Or why not try eyeshadows that are in pencil or crayon form that you can apply directly to your face, and save time messing about with the power kind?

If you are looking to change your face shape with contouring, it is better to use a brush on powder, though. As they are quicker and easier to blend than the cream varieties.

Another thing you can do is improve your health to the point when you don’t need to wear as much makeup to feel good. By eating well and keeping hydrated, along with taking regular exercise you can get a glowing complexion. Then you will only need a light touch of makeup to look gorgeous.

Also, are you finding that you are spending a lot of time each morning applying camouflage makeup and contouring to change the look of your face? Then it might be useful to speak to a cosmetic surgeon, to see if there are any producers or tweaks that they can offer you to help with this.

Hair removal

Creating A Quicker And Easier Beauty Regime

Creating A Quicker And Easier Beauty Regime

Unfortunately for many of us, it’s not just the daily items in your beauty regime that take up your time. There are also weekly things that need to be done too. One of these is dealing with hair removal.

Some women are lucky, and they have fine, thin hair that grows slowly. Others are not as blessed and have to deal with coarse hair that grows fast, so it needs to be removed often.

There are several ways of completing hair removal. For larger areas like legs, shaving is still popular. It also doesn’t take too long.

But is shaving a false economy in terms of time? Perhaps, if your hair is fast growing. As while it removes the hair for that day or evening it has soon grown back. All ready to go through the process of being shaved again!

Instead why not plump for a hair removal methods like waxing or epilating. Yes, the initial treatments take longer than it would shave your legs. But not only does it last way longer. But it can also cause the hairs to come back through softer as regrowth, so it doesn’t look or feel so unsightly.

You could also use a cream that retards the growth of the hair. Which would mean you would have even more time before it came back and you had to spend your time redoing it again!


Another seriously time-consuming part of our beauty regimen is making sure that our nails stay in good condition. They need to be filed and shaped, as well as treating the cuticle and painting them with a base coat, top coat, and color.

Creating A Quicker And Easier Beauty Regime

Then you have to keep an eye on things and touch them up when they get chipped as they so frequently do. Or you have to go to a salon to have all this done, which not only takes up all your time but your money too!

Luckily there are a few ways you can cut back on the amount of time you take to deal with your nails.

Firstly use a quick dry nail polish like Rimmel’s 60-Second Set. Then you can get a couple of coats done in the same time. Which means it will last longer. Also, don’t forget to seal the ends as well as the rest of the nail with top coat. That should make them longer wearing too. So should cut down on the time you have to spend redoing them.

Creating A Quicker And Easier Beauty Regime

You can also get great little gadgets like nail varnish remover pens as well. So even if you get the polish on your finger because you are going quickly, you can easily remove this and finish the manicure without it going on forever.

How do you create a Quicker And Easier Beauty Regime?

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