First, let’s define what dry shampoo is and the purpose of using it instead of your regular lather/rinse out shampoo and does it really work for curly hair.

“Apparently Dry shampoo has been around since the 1970s but has been gaining popularity in the last few years due to the prevailing notion that women (with both curly and straight locks) should avoid washing more than a couple times a week since suds can be so drying.”

Honestly, I only heard about dry shampoo a few months ago and being the product junkie that I am, I just had to give it a try. Here is my experience with using dry shampoo.

What is dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo is an oil absorbing fine powder that comes in foam, spray, dust, and shake-on forms that is supposed to soak up all the oils your scalp produces, making your hair look bouncy and beautiful like you just got out of the shower.

What are the benefits of dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo helps to keep your hair looking and feeling clean between washes. Many people suffer from greasy oily hair and it is a great alternative because it helps absorb oil and leaves hair smelling great, in addition to adding volume and texture.

Is Dry Shampoo for you? Should curly hair individuals be using dry shampoo?

As many curly individuals know, when hair is thick, curly or coarse, it naturally lacks moisture because oils don’t travel down the hair as quickly and that is why I do not wash my hair on a regular basis as going a few extra days between washings can help natural oils make their way down the hair shaft.

I have naturally curly hair and personally, I do not like dry shampoo as the starch in the dry shampoo coats your hair and makes it dry and matte, covering your hair’s natural oils. This can make curly hair dry, tangled and frizzy.

If your hair does not produce a lot of oils or you have a dry scalp, you probably don’t need dry shampoo especially if you already have dry hair that lacks moisture; but be sure to properly condition your hair so it is getting the nourishment it needs.

If you are going to use dry shampoo, look for one that specifically caters to your hair type and the look you want to achieve. Remember that curly hair is delicate and can sometimes be frizzy, dry and difficult to manage but that is also from years of using the wrong products. It is important to look for dry shampoo that is specifically formulated for your curly hair.

Here are some things to remember before using dry shampoo, especially for curly hair individuals with very dry hair.

If you are going to be using a dry shampoo, spray at least six inches from your roots. I would advise against spraying on wet or damp hair, as you can see, the bottle says “dry” shampoo.

While dry shampoos will extend the life of a style for a few days, it should not be a replacement for actual shampooing your hair. Remember that the curlier the hair, the longer it takes for natural oils to travel from the scalp to the ends, causing the lower half to appear dry. I would caution to be careful when using a dry shampoo with curly hair as it can dry your hair out a bit. Remember we need to keep curly hair moisturized and nourished but for some people who wants a lot of body and volume on already dry hair for an instant fix, it does work; but you will need to wash your hair the following day.