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ELF has announced that they are launching a new skincare line. This line will be hydrating and nourishing for glowing skin.  As we can all attest to Elf’s already affordable makeup and brushes, we know that the skincare line will be just as affordable and budget friendly for our pockets. It looks like there are 11 products; however, their website says only four of the featured items are expected to ship in January 2015. I just do not like this pre-order process and it’s a little disappointing to know that not all these products will be available for purchase, but I am also looking forward to seeing the initial four to be launched.

This is what the website also says:
You heard it here first: e.l.f. Skin Care is coming in 2015!
Now’s your chance to tell us what YOU want. Pre-order here and we will make four of the featured items available on eyeslipsface.com in early 2015. If your item is chosen, we will ship it to you for FREE in January 2015! And don’t fret: if the product you pre-ordered doesn’t get made for the initial launch, we’ll let you know when new Skin Care products hit the line.

Here is a link to the Pre-Order Terms and Conditions for additional details (HERE)

Here is a preview of the full skincare line:

Illuminating Eye Cream - US $10.00

Illuminating Eye Cream – US $10.00

ELF to Launch New Skincare Line for 2015

Nourishing Night Cream – US $12.00


Exfoliating Scrub – US $8.00


Soothing Serum – US $12.00

15119_hydrationmoist900px55332.7.jpg.55332.7 (1)

Daily Hydration Moisturizer – US $8.00

15119_hydrationmoist900px55332.7.jpg.55332.7 (1)1

Daily Hydration Moisturizer-Large – US $12.00


Hydrating Cleanser – US $7.00


Hydrating BB Cream – US $7.00


Hydrating Cleansing Cloths – US $4.00


Hydrating Face Primer – US $9.00


Hydrating Revitalizing Mist – US $6.00

Share your thoughts on what you think of a skincare line from elf? What are you guys planning on pre-ordering from this line or what have you already pre-ordered?

Photo credit: elf website