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Sweater: Zara // Blazer: Dynamite // Boots: Aldo

Every season has its must-have wardrobe items, and in winter it’s all about being warm whilst remaining stylish. I find myself switching out my sandals and shorts for cozy sweaters and warm scarves. So, with the colder months in mind, today I’ve rounded up my winter wardrobe essentials, timeless pieces that can be paired with almost anything in your closet. Winter wardrobe essentials are bound to keep you warm and stylish throughout the season so invest in staple pieces will mean you’ll always have something to wear. Here is a list of 5 winter staples every girl needs.

When winter comes around, scarves are my saviour. Scarves are a chic and effortless addition to any winter outfit. A scarf can go just as easily with a fitted blazer as it does your favorite pair of jeans.

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Nothing says winter like the perfect oversized sweater or a beautiful knit sweater. A great addition to any closet, sweaters can be dressed up or down to look trendy and relaxed all at once. I can’t imagine winter without my favorite sweater. They are the perfect amount of warm and fashionable, and if you dress them up with ripped jeans and ankle boots, everyone will be asking where you got it. Choose them in colours and cuts that best suit your personal style but black, gray, tan and all other neutral colors are the best choice when you find yourself in the market for one of these pieces because they will match nearly everything in your closet, and will remain timeless essentials for seasons to come.

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Knitted Hat
A go-to hat for wintertime. It is a must when you’re looking to keep your ears warm and stay cozy during the coldest months of the year! There are plenty of different styles of beanies available, from fitted to slouchy styles and simple to novelty designs. They can really make an outfit look cute and casual.

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For a lighter-weight outerwear option in winter, the blazer is a classic choice. Pair your blazer with skinny jeans, riding boots and stylish scarves for a chic winter look.

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Ankle Boot
I think ankle boots can be worn all year-round but for me it is a staple piece come winter time. A great pair of boots can transform your outfit and the chunky heel makes them comfy, so you can wear them day and night. Ankle boots can be dressed down with jeans for a casual daytime look or pair with a dress and tights for a night out on the town. Ankle boots are a constant wardrobe staple. Ever so stylish and versatile this shoe never seems to get old.

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Favorite Winter Closet Staples19 Favorite Winter Closet Staples20What are your favorite winter staples?