Get Moisturizing! How To Save Your Winter Skin

We all know that the winter is a really tough time for our skin. Outside the cold air leaves it red, chapped and sore, and inside the heating removes even more moisture from the air, which makes you feel even more uncomfortable. Because your skin’s protective layer cracks, it finds it hard to repair itself, meaning that soft, fresh, dewy skin is often little more than a dream this time of year. However, is it possible to stay flawless and glowing if you take care of your skin? Absolutely yes. Here are some tips on what to do…

Keep Moisturizing

A squeaky clean face feels great but it’s important not to strip your skin of its natural oils this time a year, as they provide a barrier between your delicate face and the unpleasant weather conditions. You should also remember to keep exfoliating – this helps to remove dead skin cells that can make your skin bumpy and dry. Ensure that you keep moisturising your hands and feet as well as your face. If you find it hard to use much hand cream during the day because you have an active life, try putting an intensive one on before you go to bed, before covering them with cotton gloves to keep the moisture in.

Get Moisturizing! How To Save Your Winter Skin

Get Moisturizing! How To Save Your Winter Skin

Protect Your Skin

Make sure that you stay covered up by wearing hats, gloves and scarves. Gloves particularly can protect the delicate skin on the back of your hands to stop it splitting and getting red and sore this time of year, while a hat can protect not only your face but also your head and your hair. You might think that this time of year you don’t need to use sunscreen, but that’s not true – keep using your moisturiser with SPF 50 in it underneath your makeup. Using a high SPF is the number one factor that will stop your skin from ageing prematurely – it protects your skin from damaging ultraviolet rays that will make you look dull and lacking in any glow. If you find that your skin has aged more than you would like, don’t be ashamed of getting Botox. Check out the procedure details from Ava MD.

Get Moisturizing! How To Save Your Winter Skin

Drink Water

Drinking water is a great skincare tip any time of year, but in winter you often have to force yourself to get through those eight glasses of water a day, whereas in the summer it feels more like a habit as you’re a lot warmer. Although you can still drink water and have dry skin, it will generally improve your health, meaning that your eyes will look less puffy and your whole body will be in better condition, meaning that your skin will naturally improve. Make sure you keep exercising and drinking plenty of water through the winter to keep your blood flowing. Even though you might feel like a hot shower afterwards, steer away from water that’s too hot – it’s dehydrating and won’t help your skin this time of year. Go for warm water instead, and thoroughly moisturise your body afterwards. Moisturising skin that’s still a little damp will help to lock that moisture into your skin.

Do you have other tips for taking care of winter skin? Please share them with our readers.

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