Getting Engaged? Easy Ways To Ensure You'll Look Beautiful

Getting Engaged? Easy Ways To Ensure You’ll Look Beautiful

Not everyone knows when they’re going to be proposed to but you’ll have an inkling if your partner has told you to book some time off work, is being extra caring and attentive or being suspiciously tight lipped about an upcoming weekend. If you suspect that the magical moment may be just around the corner then there are some simple ways to make sure you’re looking your best. Invest a little extra effort into your morning beauty regime, outfit choice and diet because you never know today could be the day!


The last thing you want is to see yourself in the engagement photos grinning with joy, but with messy, unkempt or greasy hair so if you think he’s going to propose book a hair appointment. This’ll make sure you’ve no split ends, roots showing or unruly locks and then make sure you deep condition your hair every few days to leave it looking healthy, shiny and full of life. Brush your hair a little more regularly than you normally do and if you love accessories wear a couple of cute hairbands just in case.


You might be ready for that rock but are your nails? Treat yourself to a manicure to get rid of any ragged edges, old nail polish and dead skin. Make sure they’re painted in a lovely neutral colour, either a pale glossy pink or peach that’ll reflect the diamond dazzle beautifully. For the ultimate sophisticated look choose a French manicure, it’s elegant, classic and timeless and is just perfect for showing off Verragio engagement rings. Don’t panic if you don’t have decent fingernails as that’s what falsies were made for. However, you’ll definitely need some time to get used to them so plan ahead and make sure you practise everyday tasks with them on.


People who are extra happy such as new mothers, brides and yes, just engaged ladies, tend to have their own special kind of natural glow. Boost what nature’s given you by drinking plenty of water, eating healthily and increasing your exercise to ensure beautiful, clear skin, bright eyes, and a restful, relaxed mood for when the time comes. Use a luxury body scrub to remove any dead skin as well as exfoliating the epidermis using specially formulated sugar crystals. Why not treat your skin to a smooth, creamy and heavenly smelling body butter enriched with mango, shea, or even cocoa to give your arms and legs a shimmering luxurious finish?


This one’s a little tricky as you’ll have no idea when, or where he might be planning on proposing but you do know that you’ll probably be wearing something. Try to wear outfits you feel good in, favourite pieces of jewellery and colours that you know look great in photos such as blues, purples and pinks. Dress a little more sophisticated for the office than you normally would, if anyone asks just say you have a client meeting, or conference call scheduled. If you feel like treating yourself to something extra special such as a new dress, shoes, or top then an upcoming engagement is a great excuse!


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