You wake up in the morning, bleary eyed and half asleep as your morning alarm blares its shrill tone into your ear. Mornings have never been your strong point especially when it comes to getting yourself spruced up for work or a day out with the girls. You seem to have a constant battle of trying to fight the frizz, tame your mane and bury your blemishes as you stare into the mirror each day. When will you wake up with an effortlessly chic style and a fabulous haircut which actually suits you? The time has come to make a much-needed change to your overall elegance and fashion sense; from your locks to your lashes you can sharpen up your style with just a few tiny tweaks. Re-evaluate what makes you click and you will soon start to exude the confidence you have always wanted.

Chop and Change

You have sported the same flat, lifeless haircut since the year 2010 and the time has finally come to snip the split ends and enhance your hue. Heading to the hairdressers to make a drastic change is often daunting, but you need to make a change in order to uplift your mood from blah to bright. Nowadays it’s all about rocking the short hair; try and name a celebrity who hasn’t turned to the short side in the past few years. From Emma Watson to Halle Berry, there is living proof that a pixie cut can suit anybody who has the guts to try it out. Take the plunge and chop your locks; even if you can’t quite face such a dramatic change, a small uplift in color will also do wonders for your confidence.

Magic Maintenance

A trip to the hairdressers is often followed by a mountain of monotonous maintenance tips, which you’ll never remember to do anyway. The simplest advice I can offer you is to invest in a reputable color care shampoo and conditioner, a moisturising mask and reminder on your phone to book a trim every 6-8 weeks. With these three basics you will be able to care for your new do with minimal stress. If you don’t fancy forking out a fortune on expensive nourishing products then coconut oil will be your best friend. Full of wholesome benefits, coconut oil can help to improve the strength and moisture of most hair types. 

Style and Sass

You are well and truly rocking the new haircut, now all you need is the personal style and pizzazz to match. Not only should you think about reinvesting some time into your outdated wardrobe, but you should also think about how much your fashion sense has changed over the years. No wonder you’re feeling drab and dreary when you step into your ten year old jeans and tattered shirt with missing buttons. Sharpen up your style and give yourself an edgy new look to reflect your lovely locks. Get your basics covered such as tailored jackets, perfectly fitted jeans and chic black boots. Add your own personal touches to a simple style and you will soon feel on top of the world. 


Embrace Your Identity

Do you ever feel insecure about little things about your appearance? You think your hair is too curly, your eyebrows are too wild and your nose is too prominent; these are the hang ups you spend far too much time thinking about each day. Funnily enough, these are the traits that make you beautiful, unique and characterful. The qualities that you dislike about yourself are probably your most powerful features that other people envy. Embrace your identity and let your heritage shine without thinking negatively about yourself. The key to waking up every morning with a positive and ambitious outlook lies within your self-confidence. As soon as you master the art of self-love and appreciation you will feel much more content with your appearance.

Gone are the days of waking up in a drowsy, dull haze with no ambition or prospects for your appearance. With these sweet tricks you will be able to bounce out of the front door each morning with a stylish spring in your step. Change up your haircut, brush up on your fashion and start loving who you are; these positive changes will help you to become the woman you deserve to be. Nobody opens their eyes in the morning and sees instant perfection, so don’t put that pressure on yourself. Strive to be the best that you can be and realize that is more than good enough.

Ann-Marie x



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