Summer Hair Care Tipshair-Hot Weather Hair Tips-Summer Hair Care-001Summer heat can impact greatly on the way our hair looks and feel. Whether you have long or short hair, curly, wavy or straight; fight frizz, humidity and color-fading with these tips for keeping your hair looking great during the hot weather and look amazing in summer.

Cover up:
UV rays don’t just damage your skin; they can also make your hair dry and brittle. Do not expose your hair to the sun. If you want to protect your hair from getting scorched, always use a scarf or a hat to protect your hair from heat as this will provide extra UV protection and also helps your scalp to retain moisture.

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Stay Hydrated:
Hydration starts from the inside out. Iced coffee and tea, mixed drinks, beer or wine are refreshing but also dehydrating. Stay hydrated with lots of water to keep your skin and hair looking great. Add lemon, mint or cucumber slices for a refreshing taste.

A Good Conditioner:
Use conditioner to protect your hair and retain moisture, smooth and silky hair. Get a conditioner that suits your hair type. A conditioning treatment should be used year-round, even when the weather is warmer. Use a conditioning treatment once or twice a week to add moisture back into hair, helping it to become stronger, healthier and shinier, especially after spending hours in the sun.

No heat:
Avoid using hair dryer, styling iron and curlers as they can damage the hair and cause hair breakage.

lace front wigsControl frizz:
Summer heat makes the hair dry and frizzy so always tie up the hair to control it from being too frizzy. Keeping hair tied up also reduces sweating.

Care for coloured hair:
Take extra care if you have coloured hair as this can lead to colour fading and excessive hair dryness.

Trim it:
Hair is always dry during the summer season creating lots of split ends. Summer is the best time to get a haircut.

Chlorine and saltwater are not friendly to your hair. Before swimming, rinse your hair in cold water and apply a deep conditioner. This helps prevent your hair from soaking up the chlorinated water, which causes damage.