Flowing floor length ball gowns and poofy formal dresses complete with bejewelled hairpieces and sparkly heels always look amazing in any formal event. But what if you’re more of a casual kind of person? Or perhaps you are so practical that you would prefer a casual look that you can pull off over and over again?

Well, then you are in luck. You can pull off a casual look and still feel cool on the night. Think floral dresses, slick leather jackets and sexy heels. If that’s a little too casual even for you, you could add a super-glamorous shoe, bright lips, and a high bun with plenty of volume to add a little more formality to your overall look. It’s really the little touches that will say “hey, I made an effort, I dressed up” on your special night, and not that super-fancy, barely affordable ball gown.

How to Pull off Casual for Teen Girls

A teenage girls’ age and the kind of formal event will help you figure out what is appropriate for a semi-formal or casual look. Such events that could see you pilling off chic-casual include prom, holiday parties, sweet sixteen bashes, and other kinds of dances. If you’re off to prom or a middle school dance, you could opt for a flirty short dress with sequins along the neckline, or even all over glitter. If your semi-formal dress has tons of sparkle, make sure you wear less shimmery jewellery so it won’t compete with the dress. If your dress isn’t too shiny, you may want to add cool rhinestone jewellery for a funky look.

High school girls may prefer a more off-the-shoulder or fitted dress for a formal event. You can choose from the 2018 black prom dresses at Peaches Boutique. But, before you shop for your casual dress, make sure you know what is and isn’t permissible at the dance. Some schools have dress codes that forbid strapless dresses, high slits or plunging necklines.

How to Pull Off Casual for Teen Boys

If you’re a teen boy that wants to wear something casual to a formal event and still feel cool, pick something similar to what men would choose to wear for a semi-formal event. So, begin with a decent pair of dress pants, a jacket, tie, and button-front shirt. You may even be able to pull off a lighter suit for a summer occasion. Complete the ensemble with clean trainers and make sure you wear socks to a formal event.


So, are you ready to rock the dance in an ultra-cool casual way? Would you pick a tux or jeans and a dress shirt? Or, would you never dream of straying from a sensational ball gown?

Whatever you choose, remember to consider accessories, hair styles and make up to pull the entire look, casual or not, together during the dance.

Ann-Marie x


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