Why Organic Cotton is the Best for Your Kids

So much clothing today is produced with fibers that were grown using fertilizers and other chemicals. Cotton is typically whitened or bleached before being processed and used to manufacture clothing. These chemicals leave a residue on the final product that then comes in contact with your skin.

A child’s skin is more sensitive than an adult’s, and it’s important to dress your children in clothing that won’t irritate their skin, make them sick, or make them feel uncomfortable. Organic cotton achieves these goals.

What is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals, so it’s 100% natural. It’s gentle, softer than regular cotton, and is so much more comfortable. Cotton On Kids clothing is made using an ethical, sustainable, and profitable business model for preserving the environment and the people living in it.

Benefits of Organic Cotton

Kids with tactile sensitivities, eczema, or other skin conditions will benefit from wearing organic cotton because it won’t irritate their skin, causing a flare or other discomfort throughout the day.

Growing organic cotton is better on the environment because it doesn’t release chemicals into the air or the ground, causing contamination of groundwater and other natural resources. The process used to grow organic cotton is more sustainable than growing traditional cotton.

There’s no doubt that organic cotton is better for our bodies and the earth. From being more sustainable to causing less pollution to making us feel more comfortable, organic cotton is the clear choice. It is also easier to care for and can require less washing which can save you money on laundry.

Whether you do it because your kids have a skin condition, or whether you want to maintain the healthy skin your kids were born with, choosing to dress your kids in organic cotton clothing, is the best choice you could make for their health and for the health of the world they will inherit.


Ann-Marie x



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