IrresistibleMe-SilkyTouch-Hair-Extensions-Remy-hairextensions-008I know I haven’t written a post on hair in a while, after all this blog is also dedicated to hair so today I am doing a review on Hair Extensions. A little while back, I received an email from a company call Irresistible Me, asking if I would like to review their Clip-In Hair Extensions. Firstly, I want to say that I’ve never used hair extensions before and never really thought much of it because I already have naturally long hair, albeit curly; however, what’s its lacking is volume so I was happy to accept.

Irresistible Me is based in the Fashion District in New York and is a growing brand of 100% Natural Remy Clip-In Hair Extensions, hair accessories and hair tools. Irresistible Me specializes in high quality extensions at great prices. They have two main types of hair extensions; Silky Touch and Royal Remy. The difference between the two is that Royal Remy is the premium line and promises to be the same weight right to the tips of each extension. It is softer and has finer hair and is the highest quality hair extensions available. Silky Touch is the more affordable option with each extension tapering out to be slightly thinner at the ends.IrresistibleMe-SilkyTouch-Hair-Extensions-Remy-hairextensions-001IrresistibleMe-SilkyTouch-Hair-Extensions-Remy-hairextensions-002 (2)IrresistibleMe-SilkyTouch-Hair-Extensions-Remy-hairextensions-003IrresistibleMe-SilkyTouch-Hair-Extensions-Remy-hairextensions-004IrresistibleMe-SilkyTouch-Hair-Extensions-Remy-hairextensions-005IrresistibleMe-SilkyTouch-Hair-Extensions-Remy-hairextensions-006I’m in Canada and delivery was super-fast, and arrived within the week and was also tracked. The hair extensions came in a small black box and inside contained a two part transparent zip lock bag. The hair extensions are located on the left side while a small weft is located on the right side where you are able to check the texture/length and color match to your hair. If you feel the color and/or texture isn’t the right fit for you, then you have the ability to return it to Irresistible Me if the seal on the larger compartment isn’t broken. The package has written words inside how to share your extensions on Instagram once you’ve clipped them in. The hair was in great condition and package very nicely. I like the box and I find it perfect to store the extensions in when I’m not wearing them.

I selected Irresistible Me Silky Touch in Natural Black (#1B), 20 inches and 200 gram which was the closest match to my natural hair color and the length was perfect. This set comes with 10 pieces, all of different sizes (1 pc of 4 clips, 2 pcs of 3 clips, 5 pcs of 2 clips, 2 pcs of 1 clip) and just perfect for my entire head, so you can place them strategically around your head or however best works for you. Each piece has between one to four clips, depending on the width. The extensions also come with three spare clips, very convenient. The extensions are available in a wide range of shades; from jet black to red to platinum blonde. I’ve never tried hair extensions before so I am unable to make any comparison with other extensions; however, I will share my overall experience and thoughts for anyone who is considering hair extensions.IrresistibleMe-SilkyTouch-Hair-Extensions-Remy-hairextensions-007IrresistibleMe-SilkyTouch-Hair-Extensions-Remy-hairextensions-011IrresistibleMe-SilkyTouch-Hair-Extensions-Remy-hairextensions-012IrresistibleMe-SilkyTouch-Hair-Extensions-Remy-hairextensions-013IrresistibleMe-SilkyTouch-Hair-Extensions-Remy-hairextensions-014IrresistibleMe-SilkyTouch-Hair-Extensions-Remy-hairextensions-015IrresistibleMe-SilkyTouch-Hair-Extensions-Remy-hairextensions-016IrresistibleMe-SilkyTouch-Hair-Extensions-Remy-hairextensions-009The hair is really soft with a slight curl at the end but still really straight. The texture of the hair was almost similar to mine (but thicker) once mine was blow-dry & flat iron straight and I was unable to distinguish my natural hair to the extensions. As a beginner, these extensions were easy to use. It did not take me long to figure out exactly where I wanted to place them on my head. To clip in, simply bend the clip so it pops open and slide it into the hair and snap it closed to lock clip in hair. The clips are super easy to open/close and easy to clip in and remove. My hair is quite fine and very silky at the root so it can be hard getting anything to grip onto it and stay in place. However, these clips were very secure and they did not slide down my hair. It felt very secure once they were in and I did not have any issues with the extensions falling out. Also, as you can see I have really curly hair, so I start by sectioning the hair and then I flat iron straight the section first, then I clip in the extensions. I used the two 3 clip wefts at the bottom followed by the largest weft, the 4 clip piece in the middle and so on. Once everything was in, I was unable to make out any of the wefts as it looked very seamless against my natural hair color. Admittedly, it was a bit heavy on my head, but it wasn’t pulling or snagging my hair and actually felt comfortable once clipped in properly. After clipping them in, I noticed that my hair color was a bit darker than the extensions hair color but that really was not a problem because they blend with my own hair really well after my hair was flat iron straight. The thickness of the hair was fantastic because I have such fine thin hair so this makes it looked volumize which I quite like. What is great about these hair extensions is that you have the ability to curl, straighten, coloured, style and cut like you would your normal hair. Except for styling it, I haven’t done anything else but I might try to curl it since I naturally have curly hair. In terms of straightening it, I likely will not do that as they are already straight. Because these are human hair, you will need to wash them especially if you use styling products.

For me, the only downside to using these hair extensions is that I have to straighten and/or blow-dry my hair first every time I want to use them because I have such curly hair; otherwise, I think these are fantastic. Overall, I think these are fabulous hair extensions and the quality is great and I’ve experienced minimal fall-out or knots. If you’re looking to add volume or length or just a change, then I would recommend these! The pricing depends upon the length and weight option.

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