Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate | Review

 MarcJacobsBeauty-Re(marc)able-Fullcover-Foundation-Concentrate-Review-001-Marc-Jacobs-Beauty-Remarcable-Full-Cover-Foundation-ConcentrateMarcJacobsBeauty-Re(marc)able-Fullcover-Foundation-Concentrate-Review-002-Marc-Jacobs-Beauty-Remarcable-Full-Cover-Foundation-ConcentrateI was super excited when I heard that this foundation was going to be release. I did not try the original Marc Jacobs foundation, the Genius Gel Super–Charged Oil–Free Foundation. This new foundation comes in a smoked glass bottle with a dot dropper applicator that allows for custom coverage. There are currently 22 shades available and my current shade is Honey Medium 54; I could go a shade or two lighter, however, since it’s summertime I’ve got a bit of a tan going on so this color works great for me now.

MarcJacobsBeauty-Re(marc)able-Fullcover-Foundation-Concentrate-Review-005-Marc-Jacobs-Beauty-Remarcable-Full-Cover-Foundation-ConcentrateMarcJacobsBeauty-Re(marc)able-Fullcover-Foundation-Concentrate-Review-003-Marc-Jacobs-Beauty-Remarcable-Full-Cover-Foundation-ConcentrateMarc Jacobs Beauty Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate is a full coverage foundation that is an ultra-lightweight, oil-free foundation concentrate. The formula is incredible with twice as much pigment that you only need a few drops (forehead, cheeks and chin) to get an airbrushed, full-coverage look and a little bit goes a long way. This foundation is silky and is packed with ingredients such as Lecithin: Biochemically similar to skin to help the foundation blend evenly across the complexion; Sunflower, Acacia, and Jojoba: Emollient plant extracts that help the foundation blend evenly across the complexion; and Patented Golden Mica: A pigment that gives skin soft-focus perfection.


Although this is a full coverage foundation it doesn’t leave the skin flat matte, but instead it has a soft matte finish that looks like skin. It is smooth, weightless and blends effortlessly onto the skin. It blurred pores, concealed imperfections such as redness and sun/dark spots instantly. It is a long wear foundation, and says its 24-hour wear but I wouldn’t recommend wearing a foundation for 24 hours. I wore this for a duration of nine hours straight and it stay on my face without separating or fading. Sometimes I usually go in with concealer on a few red spots or to conceal dark under-eye circles but with this I did not have to at all. If your skin is on the dry side, be sure to hydrate well with a good moisturizer, since foundation can highlight patchy spots. I absolutely adore this foundation! Overall rating: 4.7/5

You can find Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate at Sephora where it retails for US $55.00 / CAD $69.00 for 0.75 oz.


  • Adriana

    Hello. About the shade of marc jacobs remarcable foundation (54), what is the equivalent on Mac: nc 37,40, 42 ?
    I saw on description at marc jacobs website that the honey medium (54) has a pink undertone; as i can see on your swatch, it does not seem so pink, does not it ?

    • Hi, that is strange that the description says it has pink undertone, because Honey Medium 54 is not pink at all but instead has a yellow undertone. I’m NC40 and can go up to NC42 in the summer time and this shade works great for me, even now, though it’s a bit darker but once I complete my entire makeup, it is barely noticeable. Like I mentioned in my review, I could likely go a shade or 2 lighter but I think Honey Light 52 or Golden Medium 44 would likely be perfect and I would say those are equivalent to NC 40. I recommend going into Sephora to get a shade match or at least a sample first to see which shade would be better suited for your skin tone. Hope that helps! 🙂