marcjacobs_20styleeyecon-MarcJacobs-Beauty-TheFreeSpirit-StyleEye-Con-No. 20-Eyeshadow-Palette001marcjacobs_20styleeyecon-MarcJacobs-Beauty-TheFreeSpirit-StyleEye-Con-No. 20-Eyeshadow-Palette004Marc Jacobs The Free Spirit eyeshadow palette is described as 20 eye shades for limitless day and evening looks, with luxurious textures and pure performance including 18 new shades (2 repeats), all curated into five rows. Apparently Marc Jacobs named the Style Eye-Con No. 20 in The Free Spirit after model Charlotte Free.

The palette comes in standard Marc Jacobs packaging (sleek black cushion-shaped case) with a color chart of the shadows on the back and a large mirror on the inside which I like quite a lot. These shades do not have names, they’re just numbers from 1 to 20. The palette is a pretty good size. It is larger than the Marc Jacobs InstaMarc Mirage Filter contour palette. Enclosed is a guide showing examples of five different eye looks and they suggest wearing the shades vertically from the top row straight down to the bottom row. The palette features a variety of eyeshadows from the lightest to darkest, while the finishes ranges from shimmery metallic, buttery mattes, and lustrous sheens. The rows of shades are numbered left to right. There are about 3 really good transition shades in this palette.

No. 1 – matte baby pink,
No. 2 – matte warm nude,
No. 3 – matte bisque,
No. 4 – matte meringue,
No. 5 – matte tawny apricot,
No. 6 – icy lavender shimmer,
No. 7 – pale gold shimmer,
No. 8 – moss green shimmer,
No. 9 – oyster gray shimmer,
No. 10 – burnished gold shimmer,
No. 11 – matte violet-gray,
No. 12 – violet truffle shimmer,
No. 13 – copper rose shimmer,
No. 14 – matte slate-blue,
No. 15 – ultraviolet glitter,
No. 16 – matte maroon-violet,
No. 17 – black with iridescent glitter,
No. 18 – cabernet glitter,
No. 19 – midnight navy iridescent glitter,
No. 20 – matte mahogany

Upon swatching the eyeshadows on my arm, I noticed there were 9 mattes, 7 shimmers and 4 glitters. View reference list above to see which numbers have what finish. The seven shimmer shadows are definitely my favorites.

marcjacobs_20styleeyecon-MarcJacobs-Beauty-TheFreeSpirit-StyleEye-Con-No. 20-Eyeshadow-Palette002marcjacobs_20styleeyecon-MarcJacobs-Beauty-TheFreeSpirit-StyleEye-Con-No. 20-Eyeshadow-Palette003The eyeshadows have good color payoff, soft and blendable textures, and are long-wearing. There is a nice blend of dark and neutrals and the colors are not way too much similar to each other. The colors blend beautifully and all the shades are nice and soft and not stiff. The quality is really great but I don’t think they’re necessarily very unique. There were no fallouts on my face but I usually tap my brush off before application. They are very pigmented and really smooth. There was a bit of product kick up on the shiner shades but not so much on the matte ones. The colors wore well for eight hours before fading. This eyeshadow palette is a stunner; just gorgeous and I really really like it a lot. This is definitely a pricey palette so if you are looking for a luxury palette with an array of colors, then you might want to consider this one, especially if you like the Marc Jacobs eyeshadow formula. Overall rating: 4.9/5

Marc Jacobs The Free Spirit Style Eye-Con No. 20 is available for purchase at Sephora. The palette retails at US $99.00 / CAD $119.00.

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MORE PICS BELOW + SWATCHESmarcjacobs_20styleeyecon-MarcJacobs-Beauty-TheFreeSpirit-StyleEye-Con-No. 20-Eyeshadow-Palette013marcjacobs_20styleeyecon-MarcJacobs-Beauty-TheFreeSpirit-StyleEye-Con-No. 20-Eyeshadow-Palette005marcjacobs_20styleeyecon-MarcJacobs-Beauty-TheFreeSpirit-StyleEye-Con-No. 20-Eyeshadow-Palette007marcjacobs_20styleeyecon-MarcJacobs-Beauty-TheFreeSpirit-StyleEye-Con-No. 20-Eyeshadow-Palette008marcjacobs_20styleeyecon-MarcJacobs-Beauty-TheFreeSpirit-StyleEye-Con-No. 20-Eyeshadow-Palette006marcjacobs_20styleeyecon-MarcJacobs-Beauty-TheFreeSpirit-StyleEye-Con-No. 20-Eyeshadow-Palette009marcjacobs_20styleeyecon-MarcJacobs-Beauty-TheFreeSpirit-StyleEye-Con-No. 20-Eyeshadow-Palette010marcjacobs_20styleeyecon-MarcJacobs-Beauty-TheFreeSpirit-StyleEye-Con-No. 20-Eyeshadow-Palette011marcjacobs_20styleeyecon-MarcJacobs-Beauty-TheFreeSpirit-StyleEye-Con-No. 20-Eyeshadow-Palette012marcjacobs_20styleeyecon-MarcJacobs-Beauty-TheFreeSpirit-StyleEye-Con-No. 20-Eyeshadow-Palette014