Maybelline-Volum-Express-the-Colossal-Chaotic-Lash-Mascara-review-Maybelline-the-Colossal-Chaotic-Lash-mascara-review-001Maybelline claims: “Unleash Colossally chaotic lashes! Our big volume formula and Teaser Brush plump and disorganize lashes for a perfectly sexy mess. Colossal Chaotic Lash mascara’s breakthrough teaser brush adds a volume charge to your lashes for a perfectly sexy, disorganized look that’s bold to the bone.”

This mascara is supposed to give you that disorganized look that is trending on the runway now and it is all about the bold volumizing lashes.

Maybelline-Volum-Express-the-Colossal-Chaotic-Lash-Mascara-review-Maybelline-the-Colossal-Chaotic-Lash-mascara-review-002The Colossal Chaotic Lash Mascara comes in a bright yellow tube with a large brush with densely packed bristles and a bit of a bend on the end of the wand. The very end of the brush features a slight curve that’s supposed to be brushed horizontally across lashes to create a clumpy look. The formula is nice and black and isn’t too wet. It works well to coat lashes with the formula adding some length and moderate volume. I don’t think it grab my lashes from root to tip and I prefer a volumizing mascara that isn’t as clumpy. It did not flake throughout the day. Also, because it is kind of a larger wand, I find that it can take a bit of time to work it on the bottom lashes and it takes a bit of time to build it up as well.

This mascara is decent and I actually do like it, but I personally did not find that it gave me a lot of volume nor did it give or hold a curl for me quite as well. I also noticed a bit of smudging and transferring throughout the day as well. Overall rating: 4/5

Maybelline the Colossal Chaotic Lash Mascara retails for CAD $6.97 and can be found at Drugstores and online. I purchased mine at Walmart.