A couple months ago, one of my lovely Instagram followers Tammi reached out to me and asked if I would like to try a skincare line called Nerium, in particular their Age-Defying Eye Serum. I had never heard of this company/brand prior. After a bit of quick research and watching a couple videos, I saw some pretty drastic before and after pictures of people’s results and I was even more curious whether this product truly worked as the pictures look. Since I’ve got some pesky little fine lines creeping up under my eyes (The skin around our eye is fragile and thin and this gets worse as we get older. This is where the first sign of aging starts to emerge around our eyes), I decided why not give it a go and see how it really works for me. Tammi was kind enough to send me a full size sample of the eye serum along with an Eye-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patch.

I’ve been carefully testing this out for 3 weeks now. While I am adventurous when it comes to makeup, facial moisturizers and serums, I’m not one who is adventurous when it comes to trying eye creams for my eyes. I’m not much of a regular user of eye creams even though I know it’s an essential but I cannot see a visible difference when I use them. Still I decided to try this with an open mind. 


From the Nerium website:

Behind the Science

Nerium is rooted in science. Using the best in nature, coupled with the latest advancements in technology, Nerium products deliver proven, age-defying results that are powered by the most advanced ingredients available.” 

Before & After Photos

Before I go into the product review, I wanted to show you before and after photos mainly focusing on my eyes as this is an eye serum after all. These photo’s have not been retouched or altered in any way. I didn’t even brighten or highlight. I wanted to share exactly how I captured it with natural light from my home office window.


Here’s is a before and after pic on bare skine.  On the left we have Before & On the right we have After. The “After” pic was taken about 2 weeks after I started using the eye serum. See any difference??


Nerium Age-Defying Eye Serum (daily use)

Powered by proprietary SIG-1191 TM molecule, which was developed to target the signs of aging around the eye area, this product provides both immediate and long-term benefits.  Experience immediate masking of fine lines and wrinkles, and with continued use see a reduction in the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and those pesky crow’s feet wrinkles. This Nerium Eye Serum apparently has instant results and long term results and can also be used around the lip line to smooth out those wrinkles too, great for eye lids, and forehead.  

Ingredients: Jojoba Esters, Green Tea, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Caffeine, Advanced Peptide, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, I-FIL4R™ and SIG-1191™   

This is a lightweight serum that immediately softens the appearance of fine lines under the eyes and sinks in quickly. I generally do not have much dark circles so I can always get away without wearing concealer but I do get puffy eyes especially when I don’t get a lot of sleep; and what I’ve noticed is that not only does this eye serum smoothes the skin around the eyes but it helps somewhat with both puffiness and dark circles. This is a non-greasy formula that dries to a soft, matte finish. I personally wished it dries down to a more hydrating finish but I must say it isn’t drying at all! I did not notice any fragrance. The Eye Serum works well to smooth the eye area and does improve the overall texture under the eye. I do have some fine lines, especially when I smile, so under the eye shows some creasing and I make a lot of expressions. At this time I can’t say this is a life-changer, but then most eye creams haven’t demonstrated a noticeable difference for me. However, I must say though that this does help minimize the look of fine lines. Also, a couple other things that’s really great about this eye serum, is that it wears beautiful under makeup and I never have to wear concealer (I usually don’t wear concealer on a regular basis anyways) because I don’t get a lot of creasing and the second thing is that my sensitive eyes doesn’t burn or sting with this.  I only needed about a one pump and a half for both eyes. It says this should be apply twice daily for maximum long-term benefits. This retails for CAD $114.95 for 10 ml/0.3 fl. oz. 


Nerium Eye-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches (weekly use)

This was also sent so I could test both of the products together for best results. This is a weekly intensive hydration product that provides quick, targeted moisturization to help soften the delicate skin around the eyes, works to reduce puffiness and adheres to the skin for 20 minutes of powerful, rejuvenating coolness.

Ingredients: Hydromoist, SIG-1191™, I-FIL4R™, Aloe vera leaf water, Glycerin, Echinacea extract, Lavender and Green tea

I have only ever used eye mask once from another brand with a similar concept however, I didn’t care for it at all. With regards to this eye mask, I was only sent one set for a one time use but I must say that after use, my eye areas look hydrated, fresh and well rested. For optimal benefits, you’re supposed to use one treatment each week. The patches can also be used as a quick pick-me-up before date nights, after late nights or after long flights. These are great for perking up the eyes after a long week. Each box contains 5 sets of patches for CAD $60.

Overall I have been pleased with the results as this is a lovely eye serum and although you can experience immediate masking of fine lines with this product, I will continue to use to determine the extent of the long terms benefits.

If you are interested in any of these products, you can check out this website:


Let me know if you’ve heard of this before and what do you think?


Ann-Marie x



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