Non-Surgical Ways to Tighten Sagging SkinNon-Surgical Ways to Tighten Sagging Skin

As someone in their late 30’s, I thought this article was appropriate. I know I have younger readers and this article may not be relevant to you, but maybe someone else will find it helpful and useful and that’s my goal today:-)  There are a number of factors that lead to sagging skin.  Ageing, weight changes, excessive smoking and sun damage are some of the factors that cause skin to lose its elasticity so your skin requires proper maintenance.

Facelifts and related surgeries are almost routine these days. People with severely sagging skin go in for such procedures all the time. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to go in for surgery to correct skin sags. You can do a lot to either prevent them or correct minor wrinkles and sags without undergoing surgery.

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Take Care of Your Skin Each Day

You can start by taking care of your skin on a daily basis. You can do that by creating a skincare routine and sticking to it. That should include things like always removing makeup before bed, using an exfoliant a couple times a week, and using a hydrating and moisturizing cleanser every day. It also would be a good idea to add a product that contains sunscreen into that routine.

Of course, creams and lotions to prevent skin problems can only take you so far in life. Eventually you’re bound to have a wrinkle or a sag show up. Luckily, there are lots of treatments that can reverse those minor types of skin damage. Many of them can be performed in clinics in only about an hour.

One Example of a Quick Treatment is a Laser Procedure

Laser treatments for skin ailments have expanded a lot over the years. Now there are precise skincare lasers of all descriptions.  Some treat wrinkles and sags, others treat the skin as a whole.

It’s important to note that some lasers focus mainly on the surface of the skin. Those lasers, known as ablative devices, can resurface your skin so that healthy cells can replace dead ones. They don’t necessarily tighten the skin, but they can still make it look better. They can also make it look better by encouraging your body to make collagen and encouraging existing collagen to tighten up. Collagen is one of the substances that keeps skin cells tight up against each other.

Non-ablative lasers generally don’t impact the skin’s surface. Instead, they focus only on stimulating collagen production and production of other important materials in the deeper layers of the skin. As a result, a non-ablative laser treatment usually causes less discomfort and less potential for side effects, but it also might not make your skin look better right away. The effects of the treatment may still be working long after you walk out of the clinic.

Sound Wave Therapies Are Also Quick Sagging Skin Treatments

Another clinical way to treat sagging skin is to zap it with sound waves, as odd as that may seem. Waves that bombard your skin on particular frequencies can have the same impact on your body’s natural collagen production and other defenses as some non-ablative laser treatments.

Sound wave therapy is usually either a radio frequency treatment or an ultrasound treatment. In the industry, they are commonly called Thermage or Ultherapy. Both work in similar ways, but with different specialties and intensities. For instance, the sound waves associated with ultrasound treatments can usually have a greater impact on lower skin layers.

Ultimately, the treatment that you choose has to match your current skin concerns. The thing to do is to talk to your dermatologist as soon as you notice a problem.


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