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Who knew it takes only 12 minutes to take a bath? Well I didn’t, but according to Pearl & Daisy, it only takes 12 minutes to enjoy all the amazing benefits of a soak in the tub. Pearl & Daisy is an all-natural soap company founded in Nova Scotia, Canada. This wonderful company has beautiful, all natural products, with intoxicating aromas. The bath soaks, creams and soaps are sure to leave anyone feeling naturally luxurious, and ever so pampered! In collaboration with the Canadian Beauty Bloggers, I received three products from Pearl & Daisy; a Bath Bomb/Fizzer in Orange & Vanilla*, a Sea Salt & Mineral Bath Soak in Mountain Mist* and a handcrafted Soap in Vanilla & Sandalwood*.

Pearl-and-Daisy Natural Soap Company-bathbomb002

Bath Bomb in Orange and Vanilla (CAD $5.00): These bath bombs are 100% natural and because they are infused with coconut oil, they are moisturizing and great at rehydrating dry skin. The smell is amazing, like creamsicle. Once you placed the bomb fizzer in the water, it starts fizzing with the scent filling the air. It left my skin really soft without it feeling too oily or overly scented and my skin felt great when I got out of the bath tub.

Sea Salt & Mineral Bath Soak in Mountain Mist (CAD $5.99 per 100g): “Mineral-rich Dead Sea salt is mixed with a blend of essential oils distilled from fresh fruit, flowers, and plants. The Mountain Mist collection is inspired by ancient coastal mountain forests, richly fragrant scents that are both uplifting and grounding. A blend of clary sage, bay, balsam fir, and thyme essential oils; this collection is wonderful for any time you wish to return to the grounding sensation of a walk in the woods.” Bath salts are wonderful for the skin, mind and body. If you are familiar with bath salts, then you will know that they don’t foam or fizz, rather they soften and fragrance the water. While this scent may not appeal to everyone, I find it to be an uplifting yet comforting scent.

Soap in Vanilla & Sandalwood (CAD $8.99): “A treasure discovered on the shore, the smooth white sand dollar carries the image of the exotic vanilla orchid blossom. This harmonious marriage of vanilla, benzoin resin, and sandalwood essential oil offers aromatherapy benefits to enhance feelings of comfort, spiritual harmony, and sensuality.” This is a lovely gentle bar soap that lathers up beautifully. It is non-drying leaving skin clean, soft and moisturized. It has a lovely vanilla scent and I love vanilla!

Overall, I really enjoyed these bath products and they definitely provided a relaxing bath time. Pearl & Daisy have a new monthly product subscription service available, so if you enjoy taking baths on a regular basis and love all-natural bath products, then I recommend you check them out!