Rejuvenate Your Hair With These Unconventional Tips-1

Whether you had a really stressful period at work lately, or the ombre style you tried out recently didn’t go as planned, we reckon your hair would definitely benefit from some rejuvenation procedures. A less than healthy nutrition can also have a substantial impact on the overall condition of your hair. The busy life most of us lead can certainly make us give in to consumption of junk food more often than we would have wanted. With all this in mind, we have put together a list of unusual reparation tips you may have not heard before.

Beautiful, inside and out

The hair cannot really grow strong and lustrous if the roots are not getting the proper nutrition. Yes, food matters a lot. If your diet is predominantly filled with dishes full of additives and artificial ingredients, it may be time to make a healthy turn.

Some elements that help your hair be at its best are iron that delivers oxygen and hair strength and vital amino acids, a keratinocytes power factory. You can find these in this food, among other: spinach, brussels sprouts, lentils, parsley, strawberries, papaya, seafood and oatmeal.

Portrait of young beautiful woman with extra long glossy hair

Homemade mask

You may have read a thousand times about the honey, olive oil and egg mask, so we’re skipping to another little more unconventional recipe. It is consisted of two rather simple and natural ingredients, butter and apple cider vinegar. The treatment is a hair loss fighter, with butter providing nutrients for the follicle and vinegar cleansing the scalp of dead skin and potential bacteria.

Administer 100g of butter on a moist scalp by gentle massage and rinse with lukewarm water. Proceed with application of mixture containing 250ml of water and 30 ml of vinegar, keep for 5-10min, rinse and wash again with your regular shampoo.

Hot water and re-hydration

Thorough rinsing is absolutely recommended, but make sure you avoid steamy hot water. It will dry out your hair and make it more susceptible to breakage by removing the necessary oils.

On the other hand, to restore the moisture to your dull hair, apply some beer and stroke it lightly for 20min, then rinse. Once a week procedure will yield amazing, silky hair results. Not meant for people affected by sinusitis and cold though.

Rejuvenate Your Hair With These Unconventional Tips-3

Drying and brushing manoeuvre

First and foremost, don’t comb the hair right after washing it, since that’s the time when it is most fragile. Use the conditioner and let it dry on room temperature. Blow drying is also a major no-no as it aggravates the damaged hair and split ends.

When it comes to brushing, avoid cheap, plastic combs that entangle the hair even more and make it a veritable hell to utilize. Instead, go for quality brushes made of anti-static materials. I suggest you explore the great line of Mason Pearson professional brushes and employ the proper technique. Patiently untangle the ends and only then progress to tackling the roots.

Extra tips

1. Take B-complex vitamins
2. Boost circulation with rosemary oil
3. Use baking soda (a few tablespoons with water) to remove shampoo residue

To finally regain and maintain a beautiful, bouncy mane, it takes more than just washing it with a specialized shampoo. Sometimes the solution lies in the simplest but eventually, most effective procedures.

This Guest Post was written by Emma Lawson. I am happy to have her take over my blog for the day. Emma is a passionate writer, lover of all beautiful in our lives. With her words she is trying to spread the love all over the world. You can follow her on her Twitter account @EmmahLawson@EmmahLawson