Selecting A Wedding Band That Complements Your Engagement Ring

We spend so much time and energy worrying about the perfect wedding dress or that the engagement ring is just right, but in reality, your wedding band is the piece of sparkling jewellery you’ll keep forever.  Traditionally, women wore their wedding and engagement rings on different fingers, but nowadays, it’s become trendy to wear them both on the same finger. Therefore, it’s important that they complement each other and don’t outshine one another.

  • Try buying your engagement ring and wedding ring as a set or at least get both from the same jeweller. This makes it easier for you to pick the engagement ring of your dreams, and the jeweller will know which wedding band styles will work with it and which ones won’t. Certified Diamond Network features hand-crafted engagement rings and wedding bands you can choose from.
  • Keep certain things the same, such as the metal or the width of the band. Even though platinum and white gold look similar, they age and wear differently so choose the same one for both bands. Aim to keep the widths similar as well, since an overly wide wedding band could over power a thinner engagement band.
  • Try on some wedding bands with your engagement ring. If your engagement ring features a large centre diamond, try an interlocking or notched band that will hide the gap.
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Try some of our favourite options:

  • Pair a traditional solitaire ring with an elegant pave band as a thin diamond band provides just the right amount of extra sparkle. Consider getting a contoured band so that your wedding band will lock right in with your gorgeous solitaire.
  • Pair a diamond and coloured gemstone engagement ring with a channel set wedding band which alternates diamonds and that gemstone, such as blue sapphires. It’s important that the shape of the stone be the same or similar so they do complement each other.
  • Pick a wedding band that fits the time period of your engagement ring as some rings err towards vintage, while others are clearly modern. If you have a vintage engagement ring with lots of detailed filigree, try to select one that has your favourite details from your engagement ring, whether it’s scrollwork or cascading flowers. If you have a modern flush engagement ring, consider opting for a plain platinum band with only a few diamond chips for a pop of sparkle.
  • Discuss going custom for both your engagement ring and your wedding band because then you can guarantee they’ll complement each other and have the intricate or unique details you desire. The Certified Diamond Network features unique handcrafted wedding rings Sydney couples love, which feature rare, stunning diamonds in durable metals that will shine bright on your hand.

While your rings don’t have to match perfectly, you do want them to complement each other since you’ll be wearing both of them for the rest of your life. Therefore, it’s wise to put forth some extra effort and find a jeweller you trust and can work with to get the design you really want.

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