The Do's and Don'ts in Buying Antique Jewellery

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Things of true beauty stand the test of time so today I want to share the Do’s and Don’ts in Buying Antique Jewellery. Buying antique jewellery for the first time can be daunting if you don’t know what to be looking out for. Because of their sentimental value, it can often be easy to let emotions override when you are buying and take over the rational thought process. Just like anything however, having a mix of both is best when looking at antique jewellery.

It can be even more important these days to get clued up on the do’s and don’ts to buying because of the replicas on the market. It’s sad to say that people have become cleverer with their techniques and tools to reproduce the real deal. This should by no means put you off, but it should make you more aware as to how you look and what questions you are asking.

Kalmar Antiques have been selling authentic antique jewellery for decades and have written a great article on the most important part of spotting fakes. This way, you can learn some top tips from the experts themselves so you can outsmart all of the con artists and ensure you’re buying something 100% genuine.

Essential Do’s and Don’ts to buying antique jewellery:

  • Always investigate the dealer’s background. This aspect is essential, especially if you are buying from online marketplaces such as EBay, Gumtree or Craigslist which will literally accept any seller without verification.

Of course still scout these websites, especially EBay which can have an amazing selection of antiques you couldn’t find anywhere else. It’s just important to do some investigating and use common sense before trusting a seller. For instance, if they have multiple of the same vintage ring, you can come to the conclusion it may not be so vintage after all. Usually genuine antiques are very special so seeing options to buy bulk should ring alarm bells.

Looking at their website is another good idea for certifications or verifications. For example, Kalmar Antiques sells authentic antique jewellery and you can see that as they are verified from official boards.

  • Always DO ask questions. But the right ones…It’s important to never assume. Ask a few questions and start with learning about pieces from that era and the characteristics they would usually contain. Another crucial thing to ask is how the seller got it in the first place. If their story is viable and trustworthy, it’s worth looking into further.
  • Always look for designer markings. With rings especially from the UK and US, the regulations specified that the jewellery had to be marked by the designer. This is particularly the case with items made before the 1950’s. That means it’s worth checking the ring or jewellery up close and ensuring it fits the mark of the designer’s other pieces.
  • All of the above requires you to do your research. Increasing your knowledge on a particular era and what to expect from antiques is only a good thing. Doing so can put you in a stronger position and cause you to become less vulnerable to potential thieves.

Now you know some of the essential dos and don’ts to buying antique jewellery, you should gain more confidence when hunting for the perfect item. There’s plenty of great guides and reliable information online. This blog post by Moneywise offers some great tips for investing in jewellery and even more advice from the experts!

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