The Must Have Jewelry Pieces 2017

Each year comes with exciting advances in fashion and jewelry. There are some really cool jewelry pieces and accessories that are going to be considered must haves this year. Whether you’re going to a festival or you’ve planned a big night out with your friends, you can find something on this list!

The Unicorn Horn

Yep, that’s right. People have become so obsessed with unicorns, that they are actually wearing pretend unicorn horns now in a bid to be more like them. Although this isn’t necessarily an item you’d wear every day, you could definitely get away with it at a festival or somewhere equally as exciting. They are great places to try out new things and show off your individuality!

The Must Have Jewelry Pieces 2017

Denim Chokers

Forget the 90s choker. Forget the chokers with bits hanging off them. Now it’s all about the denim choker. Don’t think you have to go out and buy one either. Just make one out of a pair of old jeans! They’re really easy to make, and you’ll have one that nobody else has. They are very Kardashian-esque, if you like that kind of thing.

Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs can add a really glam, or even gothic vibe to your look. They’re great if you like to tuck your hair behind your ear, or experiment with a bunch of up-dos. They can be a little uncomfortable to wear, but it’s worth it when you see how awesome you look.

The Must Have Jewelry Pieces 2017

Stacking Rings

Stacking rings stop you from looking one dimensional and boring. They’re great pieces for complementing statement rings, and can even be worn alone. You can find stacking rings with cool little details on them, and even buy them plain. There’s no end to the amount of styles you can find. Just take a look at wholesale 925 silver jewelry on ELF925 site if you don’t believe it!

Multi-Purpose Jewelry Pieces

Multi-purpose jewelry pieces are a big thing this year. This means wearing things like earrings with a chain that attaches to a nose ring. Wearing bracelets that attach to a ring on your finger, and so on and so forth. These jewelry pieces can add an ethnic vibe to your outfit, and are another great accessory for festivals.

Bohemian Jewels

Bohemian jewels include wearing items made out of crystals, leather, hemp, stones, and so much more. They should look like things that grew in the earth! They add a really cool, natural look to any outfit, and are even thought to have healing properties.

Wrap Around Pieces

Wrap around pieces look so cool, from wrap around bangles to wrap around rings. They make a huge statement for those that like to wear bold jewelry!


These are the must have pieces to add to your jewelry box for 2017. Make sure you’ve got them if you want to add dimension and interest to your look. Are there any pieces you’re making sure you have this year? Leave a comment below. 

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