It doesn’t matter whether you’re 18 or 80, the right skin care is vital to achieving glowing skin—and if you are 18, there’s no better time to start looking after your skin than right now.

The earlier you begin to look after your skin properly, the longer you will be able to avoid the effects of age taking hold. Whether you plan to defy age or to allow your face to age gracefully, make sure that glowing, healthy skin is a part of the plan.


The Secrets of Exercise

We all know that exercise is effective for improving circulation, maintaining lung function and for staying slim and toned, as well as for overall health. But exercise is also great for the skin, as working out gets blood pumping to all the cells in the body—including the skin cells—delivering the oxygen and nutrients the skin needs in order to look fresh, healthy and glowing.

It is worth noting whether your skin type is affected by working out though, if you tend to find your skin breaking into spots when you are more active, you can combat this by using the right products.


The Secrets of Using the Right Products

Many products make big claims about the effects they will have on your skin. Miracle lotions and potions make promises of younger-looking, healthier skin, but the truth is, only products designed for your skin type, containing lower amounts of harmful chemicals, will work.

First, you need to identify your skin type.

Check your t-zone (the nose and forehead area) to define whether your skin is oily, dry, sensitive, irritated, mature or a combination of two or more of these. From here, it is easier to narrow down the products that will keep your skin healthy. Check online reviews and read impartial blogs to help you identify the best brands; it may take some trial and error, however, to find a brand you really love.

The Secrets of Not Smoking

Smoking is bad, no question about that, but it also take its toll on the skin. Smoking causes premature ageing of the face, neck and hands, so trying to retain your youth whilst continuing to cause damage to the vital areas is simply counter-productive.

If you aren’t a smoker, that’s fine, just try to reduce your exposure to secondhand smoke and, obviously, don’t pick up the habit yourself. For those who are regular smokers—or even ‘social smokers’, the earlier you can quit, the better. Even switching to a vape pen is likely to reduce the effects that smoking has on your skin, as e-liquid does not contain the same nasty chemicals and skin-damaging toxins as tobacco.  You can easily buy a vape kit in London from somewhere like Vape Buzz.  If you are outside London then order one online.

The Secrets of Hydration

It seems that water is the ultimate beauty secret for everything these days—but it is only so popular and so highly recommended because it is absolutely true. Remember that our bodies are 70% water, so maintaining hydration levels will make you feel healthier, more energetic and younger-looking.

Hydrated skin stays plumper for longer and water also helps the skin to retain its elasticity – the ability to bounce back when pulled or pinched. It is this loss of elasticity that causes the appearance of wrinkles and can make facial features appear to ‘droop’.

It is vital to ensure that your skin retains as much moisture as possible—so a moisturising routine is an absolute must! All skin types benefit from a high-quality moisturiser when it is used effectively. Ideally, you should moisturise as soon as you get out of the shower or bath—in a warm environment where your skin is in contact with moisture already. We often hear the phrase ‘locking in’ moisture, and that is exactly what you need to do.


The Secrets of Sunscreen
The sun doesn’t shine every day, unfortunately, but the UV rays are present whenever it is light—including during autumn and winter. Factor 15 sunscreen should be adequate for the colder months, but during spring and summer, it’s time to kick it up to a higher factor.

You may feel that sunscreen will stop you from tanning, but, eventually, that bronzed look will turn into sunspots, dry out the skin, cause a loss of elasticity and can even cause skin cancer. For glowing, age-defying skin, slap the sunscreen on your face, ears, neck, arms and hands—as well as any other areas you have exposed—all year round!


This guide should help you to make the most of your youthful skin and maintain it for as long as possible. Do you have any anti-ageing secrets or ways to keep skin healthy, glowing and bright? Let me know in the comments.


Ann-Marie x



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