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Trust Fund Beauty is a brand I’ve been seeing a lot of lately. I honestly hadn’t heard of the brand until very recently so I was excited to get the opportunity to try out three of their new summer shades. What is great is that it’s Canadian!  Trust Fund Beauty is transforming the beauty industry with fun, luxe, fabulous colors that come with entertaining, out-of-the box names. Trust Fund Beauty is a nail polish and lipstick line that is free of dangerous toxins, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan.

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Trust Fund Beauty is turning vegan and cruelty-free products into high-fashion trends with a feisty twist. This beauty line turns up the heat on color without dangerous toxins or chemicals to create constant show-stopping nail polishes. With Trust Fund Beauty’s quality nail polishes, you will never have to worry about dipping your nails into gross toxins. While water-based polishes take too long to dry, the new luxury, tongue-in-cheek Trust Fund Beauty line boasts 10-free status, so consumers with health issues and skin sensitivities can keep stylish. The brand is also completely safe for children and pets, too!

What I love is that they have chic, fabulous names like I Kaled it, Bitches Who Brunch, Do You Know Who My Father Is?, pretty cool right?!!!  With sassy, fun names, I absolutely love the names of the polishes. Trust Fund Beauty’s packaging design and colors are trendy and eye-catching. I love the cute narrow rectangular-shaped glass bottles which are easy to store, each housed in their own individual box.

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Personally, I love soft pink, white and nude nail polishes, especially in spring/summer time but I was excited to step out of my comfort zone and try a hot pink shade! Trust fund beauty has an amazing variety of colors varying from soft and subtle, to deep pigmented colors that will add the perfect accent to any outfit! These are the colors I was sent:

  • Hollywood Hipster* – This is a gorgeous pastel mint green crème.
  • Hot in the Hamptons* – A gorgeous hot pink shade. It is the perfect pink for summer.
  • Bitches Who Brunch* – A beautiful vintage nudie rose. It’ll go with any outfit and last you through the seasons. An absolute must!

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These nail polishes wore beautifully.  After 3-4 days I had wear at the tips of my nails. In terms of application, these were not too thin and I find that 2 coats work best for me to get desired opacity and they don’t take long to dry which is fabulous! With the exception for Bitches Who Brunch, this one leans a bit more on the thin side so I needed 3 coats to achieve desired opacity. They are very creamy and smooth. The brush is long but still easy to use and the bristles have good density and fit perfect on the nail. I actually really love the brush!

Overall, if you are looking to minimize the toxic content you are exposed to, then this hip indie cosmetics company is just for you. I truly appreciate having the option of using non-toxic nail polishes that still have a modern and trendy edge.  I love that these are non-toxic because I have two little girls who loves to get their nails painted so I can paint their nails and not have to worry about any chemicals. Additionally, my hubby who has a very HIGH sensitivity to nail polish smell (he sneezes non-stop if he gets a waft of smell) actually painted my nails on my right hand at one point as I am completely challenge when it comes to doing the right hand; and he didn’t even sneeze (that was actually a challenge on my part because I really wanted to see how non-toxic these really were and even he notices that he didn’t even sneeze, not once). So even just for that reason only, these nail polishes are a thumbs up for me. Bitches Who Brunch is my favorite of the three, while hubby loves Hot in the Hamptons. Definitely go and explore the brand and see what Trust Fund Beauty has to offer.

You can purchase Trust Fund Beauty nail polishes on their website for CAD $15.00 (17 ml/0.57 fl.oz) and they also have a monthly subscription service available!

Have you tried Trust Fund Beauty products?

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