Verb Ghost Oil ReviewVerb is a new line of hair care products that is garnering fans with amazing speed. All of Verb’s products are gluten-free, color safe, sulfate and paraben-free. As a naturally curly hair gal, I’m always looking for a good hair oil that is great for taming frizz without being greasy. I don’t often like using oils in my hair because they weigh my hair down quite easily and does nothing for my frizz. I have been using Verb Ghost Oil a little over a month now when I heard about it through Youtube so I promptly made a purchase on the Sephora website. I was already familiar with the brand because I’ve been using their Styling Cream for a while now.

Verb Ghost Oil is a transparent, restorative hair oil that revitalizes hair from roots to ends. It features an integrated moringa oil blend that coats the hair shaft with essential nutrients, naturally smooths frizz, and delivers a radiant shine to all hair types.

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This is a lightweight oil that adds shine, helps smooth frizz (not completely) and helps protect my split ends. I really liked this oil as it does not leave any residue, it absorbs nicely into hair and what’s great is that it’s light enough that it doesn’t weigh my hair down. I usually apply post style to smooth frizzes and it makes my hair soft and doesn’t leave any greasy or oily feeling. This product has almost no scent and has a nice consistency. This is a nice oil to try!

Have you ever used any products from Verb? What are your favorites? And what would you recommend for a curly hair gal like myself?

Verb is available for purchase at Sephora for CAD $16.00 / US $14.00 for 2 oz.