I’ve always been a bit of a shopaholic. I remember a time when every week I would have to buy a new outfit or a new pair of shoes. I love shopping for makeup, clothes, bags and especially shoes. Over the years, I have my own take on fashion and my own personal style is something that has matured and evolved as well. Whereas at one point I used to enjoy wearing a lot of colors (not that anything is wrong with colors), I now personally gravitate to black, whites, greys, nudes/blush tones as I wanted to dress in outfits that really suited me and my personality. Over the years I have consistently gained fashion inspiration and ideas from a variety of sources, especially as I have gotten older. Most importantly, I wanted to feel comfortable in whatever I’m wearing. I was also never one that was into trendy pieces but more classic and staple pieces and these days, it’s has become more apparent to me.

For fashion, I find my main inspiration from magazines, catalogues and online department stores, such as ASOS, Dynamite, Zara, Topshop and Net-a-Porter. They generally stock all of my favourite brands or pieces and I can see everything refined by price, colour and/or style, so it’s so easy to shop.

Traditional shopping where you had to queue for hours in a crowded and noisy shopping centre is all gone. In its place, you have the easy and convenient online shopping option where everything is just a click away. When the latest iPhone or makeup hits the market, there is no need to join the crowds in the local store as you can order the items and get them at your doorstep the next morning. Online shopping is aided by shopping catalogues which are better than browsing through a retail shop for the best size shoe during a holiday. In essence, these catalogues enable you to shop for everything from a lawnmower to the latest power tools, if you like those things, from the comfort of your bed. There are many types of shopping catalogues some specializing in beauty, furniture, baby items, electronic devices, gifts, clothes to mention a few.

There is no limit to what you can get on cataloguesuk. For start, they feature the most reputable brands of any products that they sell. For example, if you’re into décor, furniture catalogues will feature designer furniture from reputable brands including System 300, Jensen, Collins and Hayes, Ercol, Aztec, Brunswick, Broadway, Spectrum 5, Dunlopillo, Jay-be, Tema, Taurus, among others. For dress shopping catalogues, you can expect releases from exclusive brands such as Laura Scott, Lipsy Cross, Melrose Jersey to mention but a few. For summer scents on most catalogues UK, you will get a wide array of choices including Calvin Klein, Thierry Mugler, Davidoff, Paris Hilton, Issey Miyake, and many more. There are other online catalogues that provide you with the latest laptops and sleek phones. What’s more, the deliveries are very efficient and while others are scrambling for the latest Samsung Tablet at the brick and mortar store, you will be updating yours with the latest applications from the comfort of your bed.

Where do you find you prefer to shop the most? And where does your fashion inspiration come from? Would love to hear!


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