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So I had the opportunity to test out the new YSL Mascara Vinyl Couture (CAD $39.00 / US $29.00) complimentary of Influenster. It was exciting to receive this product! My lashes are on the sad spectrum. They’re very short and have no curl so I always want length over anything else and of course threw in a good volume and separation and I’ll be batting my lashes all day!

YSL Mascara Vinyl Couture-3

On the Sephora website, it says it’s a revolutionary, intense, and super shiny formula that gives lashes length, volume, and curl with deep, saturated color. It is available in 9 different shades so you will definitely find a color that you’ll like and just how cool and fun are the colours and top coats:

  • 1 I’m The Clash -black
  • 2 I’m The Unpredictable – aubergine
  • 3 I’m The Excitement – green
  • 4 I’m the Illusion – hazel
  • 5 I’m The Trouble – blue
  • 6 I’m The Madness – fuchsia
  • 7 I’m The Craze – purple
  • 8 I’m The Storm – dark sparkle top coat
  • 9 I’m The Fire – gold sparkle top coat

YSL Mascara Vinyl Couture-1 YSL Mascara Vinyl Couture-2

Spring/Summer is always the perfect time to play with colors so it’s exciting to see these out for the season. Each color is vibrant and can be seen through the chic clear packaging. I usually don’t give much thought to mascara packaging but these are beautifully packaged in a clear tube that looks similar to a lipgloss that is just sleek and luxurious. The wand is about a medium size and has a traditional bristle brush that is densely bristled so it gives great volume! I have the color I’m The Clash (black) and this mascara is infused with notes of mandarin, jasmine, and vanilla for a subtle fragrance so it actually smells very pleasant when applying it to your lashes and just adds a luxurious touch!

YSL Mascara Vinyl Couture

On your Left, this is only one coat of mascara applied and your Right, no mascara.


This YSL Mascara Vinyl Couture provide incredible length and volume. There was no clumping, smudging or flaking and the mascara held my curl for the whole day as I also wore this to my brother-in-law’s wedding this past weekend and I must say I was very impressed because it was a very long day and my lashes still looked incredible!  It separates lashes beautifully for a fanned-out look and pumps them up with volume and lift. The glossy (but not too glossy in my opinion), high-shine finish makes lashes even more eye-catching.

Have you tried these colored mascara yet? And which color would you rock?

xo ❤

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