5 Sensational Hairdos for the workplacehair replacement systems in UK

What kind of statement do you wish to make at the Workplace?  Your hairstyle does make a statement about your personality. The question is what kind of statement you wish to make. At the workplace, the type of hair-do you choose to wear can determine the type of treatment you get, albeit implicitly. And, although the dynamics and power play are changing with more women coming into their own, for the most part, the workplace remains a male-dominated arena. If you want to appear professional and be taken seriously as a woman, your hairstyle can make an all important difference.

While it might be true that hair color and style are not accurate predictors of a person’s personality, stereotypes can influence how a particular hairstyle is perceived. For example, wearing long-loose blond waves, even today can have certain repercussions on how seriously male, as well as female colleagues, decide to take you. Dumb-blond jokes still make the rounds, and if you’re not making a bold statement about being professional, you could become the “Blondie” in business meeting pretty quick.

5 Sensational Hairdos for the workplace-Feathered Bob with Fringes 1 5 Sensational Hairdos for the workplace-Low Twisted Chignon Side Swept

Here are five powerful hairstyles for the workplace that’ll ensure you’re taken seriously regardless of your hair colour.

  1. The Simple Twisted Up-knot

Even though this UP-knot is simple and straight forward, it is neat, tidy and classy. It demonstrates the purpose and a strong intent into come to the office for business and not to play the fool. While it does not intimidate and impose, you male colleagues will know that you mean business.

  1. The Zig ZaG Bob

This is an ideal style for women that like keeping their hair shorter or even for those looking to experiment with a new look for the workplace. While zig-zagging the parting might add an element of playfulness to the look, on the overall the short cut with the Bob states clearly your intentions to work and be creative at the same time.

  1. Outward Feathered Bob with Fringes

This shoulder-length bob with layers and uniform front fringes is nothing short of professional. By getting the layers outward feathered you turn the hairstyle into a smarter and more corporate one while adding a hint of style to the look as well. Although this look is favoured by older women, even younger women can take advantage of its sophisticated appeal.

  1. Low Twisted Chignon Side Swept

This classy yet professional hairstyle speaks the corporate lingo like none other.  It bestows an elegant yet confident demeanor on the woman that wears it to the office and business meetings with a predominantly male majority. Your female colleagues will see you as graceful, and the male colleagues won’t ever doubt your commitment.

  1. Relaxed Bob with Inward Curls

This one is a winner regardless of your age or stature. The bob with its full volume adds character by turning the curls inward and adding texture your appearance becomes more tidy and sophisticated than glamorous. Whether you’re a newbie, a manager or an older entrepreneur this silky bob would command respect and let people, including the senior management know that you mean business.

This Guest Post was written by Miranda Hicks, a professional hairstylist based in New York who has been in the fashion industry for the past 10 years and have been graced to work with the some of the top ranking professionals in the field. For the latest information on hair straightening, styling tips and more, check out Top flatiron reviews.


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