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Keep hair healthy, strong, and looking beautiful – all season long with these tips and tricks.

Eliminate Frizz

I have come to appreciate the benefits of oils in my hair, especially my natural curls. Tame unruly locks by applying a few drops of oil on damp hair before blow-drying, or use it on dry hair to calm frizzy dry ends. It is also great when you need to put your hair in a bun (either high or low will work). Oils are great for restoring moisture to hair that’s been fried by chlorine or the sun. Just a few drops can prevent humidity-induced frizz. A couple of my favorites are FUEL Nourishing Oil and Kenra Revive Oil (review here and here).

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Chic Styles

I’ve always said that I like easy gorgeous hair. I don’t want to fuzz with my curls and I find that the best summer looks are quick and simple. Try braids, ponytails or buns. Jumbo box braids is another chic style that you can do as this hair can be re-styled in several ways, including cute buns. What is great about summer is that you can wear your hair natural and play with accessories or get the Perfect Beach Waves with the Herbal Essences Let It Loose Hairspray, without weighing your hair down.

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Lock Repair

A hair mask/deep conditioner is a MUST, whether or not you have curly unruly hair like mine. Using one once a week will make hair stronger and smoother. I like leaving it on anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on the one I use. I love the Kenra Revive Treatment (review here).

Tip: Mix oils into your conditioner to create an intense, conditioning treatment which helps to restore the moisture lost during the summer months. Coconut oil is a great option!

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Protect hair from UV rays

Sun can not only be damaging to skin, but also to hair. Using hair products with SPF or wearing a hat or scarf when you are out in the sun is a good idea. While putting sunscreen directly on your hair will shield your locks from the sun’s damaging rays, it won’t do much for the do’s integrity. Many hair products contain a protective sun veil and add moisture and shine. You can also shield your hair from chlorine and sun by applying a hair sunscreen spray, like Clarins Sunscreen Care Oil Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 30 to help protect hair from being stripped of its natural oils, while also protecting it from the drying effects of sun, salt water, and chlorine.

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Lower the Heat

Summer time is a great time to air dry your hair to reveal its natural texture. It’s actually the only thing I do, whether it’s summer or the dead of winter. However, if you must blow-dry, make sure you are using a nozzle.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Share your tips for gorgeous summer hair below!

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