With only a day away from November, we are fasting approaching Christmas and I still find it crazy hard to believe that the holiday is almost here already! Many of us are making our Christmas list and checking it twice while others have already started their shopping. Finding great gifts for the people we love can be a daunting task! I love gift giving, especially when it has a personal touch to it; it’s always a joy to make someone smile by letting them know you were thinking of them. But if you haven’t started thinking about your Christmas list just yet or have no idea what to get loved ones, then here are some ideas for your mom, sister or best-friend… These are great affordable and personal gifts at every budget! Perhaps you might even find a little something to add to your own Christmas wish list. Enjoy!

  1. Crystal Bell Elk Snowman Brooch Pins
  1. Sapphires Alloy Leave Rhinestone Earrings / Necklaces
  1. Kuniu Cross Shaped Crystal Zircon Dangle Pendant Earrings
  1. Pearl Rhinestone Multicolor Snowflake Brooches
  1. Crystal Rhinestone Glass Beads Bracelet
  1. Christmas Tree Rhinestone Brooches Pins

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What pieces have made it on to your wishlist?

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