If you follow me on social media or read my blog, then you know that I have very curly hair. My curly hair is on the fine side, very dry and frizzy so I’m always looking for moisture.

Infusium23 has always been on trend to help repair, restore and restructure hair back to life with a full line of affordable salon-proven products, especially formulated to beautifully treat even the most damaged hair. Infusium23’s unique i-23 Complex is the building block for all their products, combining 23 hair-healthy ingredients to help treat even the most damaged hair. I was sent their Moisture Replenisher line which helps hydrates and quench dry, dull hair. Infused with nourishing Avocado Oil and Olive Oil, these formulas help replenish hair with vital moisture and seal-in shine.


Moisture Replenisher Line with Avocado & Olive Oil

You all know I don’t use shampoo on my hair often, as I prefer to co-wash but I tried this a couple times and it is a gentle shampoo that cleanse my hair without stripping it. My hair felt clean, soft and manageable after using this.

The conditioner is very nourishing thanks to the blends of the Avocado Oil and Olive Oil which is formulated to helps replenish hair with vital moisture and seal in shine. This formula includes a blend of nourishing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to restore hydration for silky, healthy hair. It didn’t leave my fine hair heavy or weighed down, which can happen quite easily. It left my hair feeling very soft, manageable and moisturized. It also did a good job detangling so it wasn’t hard to comb through my curls.


Then there’s the Leave-in treatment which is to reduces breakage and adds shine. This is a great hydrating and detangling leave in treatment and I used it on my hair after washing. It was great for my dry and frizzy hair and it moisturizes my hair so the curls aren’t as frizzy in the morning. I don’t think it added any shine to my hair but it didn’t leave it dull either; I just didn’t see any extra shine than usual. I was able to comb through my hair with relative ease and my hair felt soft, and smooth. I still needed to add my leave-in conditioner to style my hair.

This was a great 3 step treatment collection and enjoyed how it made my hair feel and look. Infusium23 is available at most major retailers across Canada and suggested retailed price CAD $8.99 (Prices may vary depending on retailer). For summer 2017, Infusium23 is offering a special bonus size with 35% more value and until July 31, save $1 off any Infusium23 purchase. For more info, visit


What are your summer hair favorites?


Ann-Marie x

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