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Gone are the days of just your typical hair brush, now we have unique, innovative hair brushes that do so much more than just banish knots and smooth your strands. When The Knot Dr. reached out to me, I asked them to keep in mind that I have naturally curly hair so of course I would be interested in trying something that is specifically designed for curly hair. So imagine when I received this cool and colorful packaging, even my 7 year older daughter fell in love with the color. I was sent The Knot Dr. Pro Brite The Hybrid Detangler in the color Marine, but there are 3 other gorgeous colors available as well. It comes in a slide-out box that’s colour-coordinated with the brush inside. I was told for my hair type, it was suggested I use the brush on wet hair for best results.

The Knot Dr. Pro Brite The Hybrid Detangler-004

Designed by a professional stylist, The Knot Dr. brushes are made for both salon and personal use and can be used on wet or dry hair. From optimal bristle patterns, heat-resistant components, extra smooth tips and bristle diameter to solid craftsmanship, this is what makes The Knot Dr. Brushes stand out from the rest.

The Knot Dr. Pro Brite The Hybrid Detangler-002 The Knot Dr. Pro Brite The Hybrid Detangler-003 lace front wigs

The Knot Dr. Pro Brite is a paddle brush boasting 212 bristles. The spread of this impressive bristle count across the paddle allows for maximum coverage and creates an enjoyable detangling experience. I’ve had such bad experiences in the past with nylon brushes ripping my hair out so I was a bit scare to use this but I must say, I had high hopes. So after testing it out on both wet and hair, it did an excellent job at detangle without pulling. I must admit though that it worked much better on my wet/damp hair than it did on my dry hair. The bristle tips are smooth and rounded so they massage your scalp without poking, as they are made with Flexalite bristles; plus it features a durable heat-resistant design. You still need to be gentle on your hair when using it, but it really does get the tangles out painlessly and quickly, without breaking your hair. All of the Knot Dr. Brushes use knotectomy; which is a precision knot surgery, to detangle hair painlessly. The Knot Dr. Pro Brite The Hybrid Detangler has a super lightweight feel but doesn’t feel flimsy in your hand. It feels fantastic and very comfortable in your hand. This is really great quality and it works great on all hair types as I have also used this in both of my daughter’s hair (one with tighter curls than mine and the other with looser curls like mine) and it works fantastic with detangling their hair as well.

You can find The Knot Dr. Pro Brite The Hybrid Detangler available at The Knot Dr. for $18.95 if you’re interested in checking it out.

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