Luxe Sportswear: What Is It And How Can I Work It?

One of the hottest trends over the last year has been luxe sportswear, which reached its fever pitch during Paris Fashion Week when Kim Kardashian wore a pair of Adidas sweatpants with popper sides with a lace corset. Even if the fashion world praised her for her bold choices, the rest of us in the real world were not amused. Is it actually possible to introduce sportswear into our everyday wardrobes and still look chic? Here are five ways you can do it…

Change Up A Key Piece

Gigi Hadid, face of Tommy Hilfiger and Versace, donned this pink tracksuit in New York earlier this year. She looks comfortable, crisp and fresh in this springtime colour, and her fresh white Adidas sneakers set off the outfit to perfection. The colour combined with the length of her jacket mean that a basic tracksuit is elevated to chic status.

Choose Only One Item

If you want to try out sports luxe without going too far with it, the key jacket for this fall is the bomber jacket. A shape that suits all figures and silhouettes, the bomber jacket is easy to wear over any outfit. A lot of the bombers are coming in a variety of materials and patterns, and jewel colours and elaborate designs can liven up dark wintery outfits.

Throw On Some Sneakers


Luxe Sportswear: What Is It And How Can I Work It?

If in doubt, add a pair of sneakers to your outfit. Wear them with ankle-length skinny jeans and bare ankles. Wear them with a short skirt and opaque tights over the winter. Wear them with your most extravagant sequined dress over the holiday season to show that your style is effortless. Make sure they’re squeaky clean, of course – your sneakers are a fashion statement, not a statement that you decided to go running through a muddy field before showing up for dinner with your friends. You’ll be ten times more comfortable than you would be in your heels – your calves and back will thank you for it.

Try Out The Tomboy Look


Luxe Sportswear: What Is It And How Can I Work It?

The tomboy look was out in full force at this year’s Milan Fashion Week. A clean cut and on-trend look, it helped the fashionistas brave the elements at the beginning of winter while providing them with boyish, sharp looks that impressed in the street style stakes. One of the best parts of the tomboy look is its wearability – it might not be the most elegant, but there’s nothing better in winter than to pull on some comfortable, warm joggers. Remember you can always dress them up with a statement leather jacket or bag.

Don’t Go Too Far

Remember that although the sportswear luxe look is very in, it has its limits. Don’t go out in your gym gear, and remember that the sneakers that look good with your new jeans are not the same running shoes you used to run laps around your local park on Sunday morning.

One good rule for sportswear luxe is to look at an item of clothing and ask yourself if a teenage boy would wear it. And if he would, do not wear it yourself. Good luck with this look – if all else fails, remember that at least you’ll be comfortable.

How do you style your sportswear and still look comfortable and chic?

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Image 1: Flickr; Image 2: Pixabay, Image 3: Elle