NARS-Steven-Klein-Single-Eyeshadows-Review-narsstud-narsnevertoolate-nars-stevenklein002For their Holiday 2015 Collection, NARS collaborated with iconic fashion photographer Steven Klein to create the Fantascene collection, a collection where “exquisite fantasy played to extremes” is featured. The products in the collection are all limited edition and come in special Steven Klein for NARS packaging that is very minimalistic, and very traditional of NARS.

“Steven is an iconic fashion photographer. His work defies the rules of photography—it’s arresting and provocative. It pushes boundaries and elicits a reaction. I like that. He perfectly embodies the spirit of NARS.” —François Nars, Founder & Creative Director
“I’ve always had the highest regard for François’ work. He is the pioneer of moving from one of the greatest makeup artists to creating great makeup. It is super exciting for me to collaborate using my photographs and joining them with his cosmetic genius.” —Steven Klein, Photographer

Today I’m going to review a couple eyeshadows (US $25.00 / CAD $31.00) I picked up from the collection and a separate post on Vengeful Dual-Intensity Blush will be reviewed shortly. Although there are three single shadows released with this collection, I only picked up the two that most appealed to me. The other shade in the collection that I did not get is Mortal; described as an iridescent pearl white.NARS-Steven-Klein-Single-Eyeshadows-Review-narsstud-narsnevertoolate-nars-stevenklein001Mothers Day &Father's Day backdropsEyeshadow in the shade Stud – Soft pewter bronze. This shade is simply exquisite and the dimension of the sparkles make it a very unique shade! The metallic sheen is absolutely gorgeous and I will be wearing it a ton this holiday.
Eyeshadow in the shade Never Too Late – Olive green with gold shimmer. Despite it being a muted olive green, it is quite subtle and a very easy to wear shade.

Both shades are soft, creamy and blends easily. The colors was super intense and highly pigmented with very minimal fall-out and long-wearing. Never Too Late is not as pigmented and sparkling as Stud but it is just as beautiful. You really only need a small amount to get great color payoff, especially with Stud. Worn alone or paired together, these shades look absolutely beautiful. They can be applied sheer or layered for a more dramatic effect. I’ve used both with and without primer and it lasts anywhere between 7-8 hours. Although the price is a bit steep, you are getting amazing quality for your money.Easter backdrops