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Prom is an exciting occasion meant to celebrate all of your hard-work and accomplishments, as well as provide you with a fun night of dancing and socializing with your friends. Here’s the best advice you’ll get today: don’t wait for a date, and buy your prom dress now. It may seem crazy early to be looking for a prom dress, but if you shop early, you’ll give yourself the opportunity to not only find the perfect dress (with the time to search for it) but you’ll be able to shop with ease.

Everything you do is imbued with critical importance. Everyday offers new stressors. Nip that in bud. Pretty promposals are in your future. But for now, be armed with the perfect dress. There are numerous things you need to consider when you’re prepping for prom (no matter how far in advance it is).

Shopping early means more opportunities to save. You may SO want that half-caf, half-soy, half-almond milk extra-large Mochachino, but bear in mind it’s a momentary urge. Start budgeting yourself now. This means, curb those quickie trips to the 7-11 with your buds. We all know how difficult it is to go in there and not get something to nosh on. Whether you get a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly allowance, this is a great opportunity to start learning to budget. What do you really need vs. what do you really want? Give yourself a generous budget for prom – remember, you may be not only buying a dress, but tickets, shoes, a minaudiere, a shawl, and possibly, hair and make-up.  The truly prepared may even do a run-through, a rehearsal of prom night, and “try-out” different hairstyles and make-up opportunities, either done by yourself, a professional or a friend.

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One of the best places you can start with is Chicago’s Peaches Boutique, which specializes, specifically, in prom dresses. Sizes start at the smallest and go to the largest, and dresses are available in numerous lengths, styles – in other words, the prom world is your oyster. Take time to scroll through the available dresses at to see what catches your fancy.

Shopping early gives you the option to either pre-order or make a special order. You may have very specific desires, or you may be of an unusual size or height, which requires a special order gown.

One way to insure your dress will be as unique as you are (at least, at your school) is to see if your school has a website or Facebook page for a prom-dress registry. Believe it or not, there’s also the National Prom Dress Registry. If you have a smartphone, there are apps available that focus entirely on this important subject of prom dresses and avoiding a “who wore it best” scenario on the dance floor.

Once you receive your dress, you can consult with the shop you purchased it from or go to an outside consultant to see what might be done in regards to tailoring. Tailoring, in general, takes two to four weeks, and again, if you’re early, you’re likely to “beat the rush” of other girls whose dresses need nips and tucks. You’ll be confident, not only that your dress will be done on time, it will mean quality assurance, in a non-rush job.

Have you found the perfect prom dress?

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