Today I’m going to introduce a slightly spicy and a little woody number I recently added to my collection. Thierry Mugler Angel is my scent of the moment. I know this has been around for a bit but as mentioned in my post of the new Angel MUSE Eau De Parfume, I never had the pleasure of trying the original Angel scent. After seeing that blog post, the sweet Leila over at Clarins Fragrance Group asked if I would like to discover the original scent and of course, I said YES to the Perfume!! 🙂

thierry-mugler-angel-eau-de-parfum-002 thierry-mugler-angel-eau-de-parfum-003

Everyone pretty much already know what this beautiful packaging looks like. The bottle is a beautiful star-shaped crystal bottle and this one in particular is part of the “Refillable Stars” line, where you can go in store and refill your bottle for less. It has the beautifully engraved signature of Angel’s designer Thierry Mugler.

Top notes: melon, coconut, mandarin, cassia, bergamot, jasmine, and cotton candy,

Heart notes: honey, apricot, blackberries, plum, orchid, peach, jasmine, lily of the valley, red berries, and rose,

Base notes: Tonka beans, amber, patchouli, white musk, vanilla, dark chocolate, and caramel.

Now I’m rubbish when it comes to describing the scent of any perfume but if I had to describe this scent, I would say it is strong, sometimes overpowering and sweet but it is also quite refreshing and woody as it is replete with mouth-watering berries, candy floss, creamy caramel, and oriental spices.


Angel’s deep scent comes from notes of mandarin, lotus, sandalwood and musk. Slightly spicy and a little woody, this fragrance is addictive!. It’s a very bold and sexy feminine scent and though the whiff of the patchouli note may smell too strong at first, it dries down and leaves behind a sweet, sultry, musky and perfectly balanced fragrance that is just elegant; making it great for everyday wear. I think fragrance is so personal because so many factors go into what one thinks smells good. If you ask me what kinds of scents I like I always have a hard time describing notes or kinds of scents so what I would do is simply name a few that I like to give one an idea. It’s my new staple, my new fall signature scent, and I recommend giving it a sniff next time you’re near a counter. It is incredibly long-lasting and I love it!

I have the 25ml size, but it also comes in bigger bottles as wellYou can purchase the fragrance here, at Hudson’s Bay, Nordstrom, Sephora, Sears, Murale and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Have you tried anything from Thierry Mugler?

xo ❤

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*This post contains a press sample.