A few days ago, I made a comment on a blogger friend’s insta-story about creativity and she responded saying she’s “not creative to start…” and of course I told her neither am I because I’ve always felt I was never a creative person. I know many of us feel that way at times. I’ve never thought of myself as being creative but it got me thinking about creativity and what makes one person more creative than the other. I think deep down, we’re all creative beings, in one way or another, but I also know that there are times when we can hit that creativity wall. So I ask the question, what is creativity to you? Especially as a blogger?

For me personally; in order to be creative, you must be open-minded. I believe that people are naturally creative. I think we must first look at creativity as something that is joyful and pleasurable and not a task. Being creative really has to do with how attached you are to something and how you feel about something. It’s about thinking outside of the box. It’s a way of being, of taking you outside of the norm. It’s like having a different perspective.

So I wanted to share 8 ways to boost your creativity; but of course there are many more:

Change the Audio.

I personally cannot work in noise. The music has to be silence for me to concentrate; however hubby on the other hand strife when the music is booming. If you are one who listens to music while you work, how about trying a day of silence and see what happens? If you’re like me and you like the silence while working, change the audio and turn on the music.

Do Housework.

Doing housework relaxes me. It’s funny how many ideas I get when I’m dusting a table so creativity can flourish in the mundane.

Keep a Journal.

It’s amazing what creative thought will creep into your brain so keep a journal with you at all times. The moment you have a creative thought, write it down, even in point forms. Some of the best creations are born from random half-thoughts and jumbled ideas.

Go for a Walk or a Jog.

If you’re able to walk during your work day, do it. Walking or any physical movement for that matter – is a great way to turn the wheels. Sometimes, just going for a half-hour walk, or jog will give you a new outlook.


Simply stare out the window, and let your mind wander.

Draw from other media.

Instead of reading blog posts all day as you try to create your original blog posts, go to a play or a movie – watch Netflix, watch the news. Check out the museum. Scroll through a magazine or two…


Now don’t get me wrong, of course you don’t need to travel the world to be creative. Like I said above, people are naturally creative but travel for the exposure to other cultures, customs, sights, sounds, and ideas. It’s amazing the ideas that will come flowing.

Don’t Read Your Competition.

If you are spending hours on end reading the other blogs in your niche, then you need to take a break. Of course it’s wonderful supporting other bloggers (I do it all the time and I love it) but this can make you feel intimidated and overwhelmed and that tugs at your own creative juice. Focus on your own ideas and use them.


What strategies do you use to spark creativity? Please share your thoughts below.


 xo ❤

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