Four Black Founders to Shop with This Holiday Season

Four Black Founders to Shop with This Holiday Season
Taylor Jay

TikTok and Instagram are inspiring more consumers to become conscious shoppers. Aside from reviews and testimonials, the background of the brand matters just much as the products.

Focusing on minority-owned businesses, these four brands were established by self-made, Black entrepreneurs. So here are four Black Founders to Shop with This Holiday Season:

Donte & Tiffany Jones and Juelz & Nikki Rhodes 

Company: Lyrically Correct 

With a shared passion for great music and a competitive spirit, two couples became business partners to develop a trivia card game that allows players to flex their music knowledge spanning genres from old-school hip hop and R&B to gospel hits. The Black-owned business aims to level up your game nights while promoting a friends and family community for the culture in an underrepresented market.

Lyrically Correct creates the head-to-head team games that press the rewind button on nostalgic chart-topping hits. Belting out your favorite jams from back in the day is highly encouraged as players test their old-school knowledge.

The 90’s & 2000’s Hip Hop/R&B Edition is its flagship product and best-seller. For more genres, Lyrically Correct’s product lineup includes Revival: The Gospel Edition, The OBG: Oldies But Goodies featuring music from the 1960s and 1970s, and 80’s Mixtape: Hip Hop, R & B, Funk and Pop Edition. The R&B Expansion Pack is also available.

Available in Target and Amazon.

Aysia Hilliard 

Company: TrapStix Lip Balm

Meet the 22-year-old viral sensation and mastermind behind this music themed lip care line. Hailing from Howard University, Aysia’s passion for both hip hop and pop culture merged seamlessly with her love for lip balms, resulting in a unique and exciting business opportunity that has taken TikTok by storm.

TrapStix combines all-natural flavors with clever wordplay, paying homage to some of the biggest artists in the music industry. The brand’s top seasonal picks include the citrusy Wu-Tangerine, the honey-inspired Cardi-Bees, and sweet cocoa H.E.R.Shey. Ingredients feature beeswax, soybean, grape seed, coconut, and sweet almond oils that nourish and hydrate while vitamin E, stevia and rosemary extract further rejuvenate lips.

Taylor Jay 

Company: The Taylor Jay Collection

Replenishing wardrobes with comfort, style, and versatility, Taylor Jay’s objective is to make every woman feel beautiful and empowered with her fashion label. She considers her own story to be custom-made in perseverance and success, with alterations made along the way. Her journey wasn’t an easy one, having survived childhood abuse and a rough start. After moving to Los Angeles to pursue a fashion career, she has since inspired other women like herself to rise above hardships—all while looking and feeling stylish in the process.

Established in Oakland, California, Taylor Jay is rooted in slow fashion employing an in-house sewing team, implements fair labor practices, and uses eco-friendly textiles. Experience the best-selling wide leg Willow Pants that go from stylish day to evening looks. Unlike traditional stiff dress pants, the fabric wears like a dream and is machine washable. The Wrap Skirt is another popular two-in-one look that can be worn as a maxi skirt or a midi dress.

Also available in Stitch Fix.

Timothy Dixon and Gabriel Moore 

Company: Art of Homeage 

With thoughtfully designed products that celebrate faith, Tim Dixon and Gabe Moore are the visionaries behind the apparel brand earning over 17 million in sales. The duo started packing orders in their living room, and now they operate out of a 15,000 square foot warehouse space. From designing and creating content to shipping products worldwide, they have built a thriving business with a devoted customer base.

Best-selling items include the Black Swoop Tee, which features a signature curved hem and the brand’s uniquely designed minimalist conversation graphics. Pair these shirts with the Mocha Suede Snapback Hat and the Grace of Gold Hoodie containing inspiration messages on the front and back.

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