According to Industry Arc, the Canadian professional hair care market was worth $406.7 million in 2017. Haircare is a vibrant market because everyone wants healthier and thicker hair. Beauty experts are most likely tired of answering questions on how to grow hair since everyone seemingly wants to know. Fine hair can be genetic, and your hair can thin for many reasons, from stress to a poor diet. Still, there are many things you can do to make your hair look finer and thicker. Below are some top tips to know for thicker-looking hair. 

  • Try hair growth and loss treatments

It is estimated that 40% of women experience hair loss by age 50. Male pattern baldness is also a common condition that affects nearly half of all men. Hair loss’s popularity has led to the rise of numerous specialists offering various hair growth treatments to stop you from shedding hair and restore your scalp to its former glory. For instance, specialists at Perfect Hair use high-tech and popular hair growth techniques to improve your hair loss problem. They start by analyzing your scalp and hair follicles professionally to understand your hair loss’s type and stage and zero in on a specific cause. Then, these experts design a hair growth plan to meet your needs so you can easily grow healthy and thick hair.

  • Use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner

This advice may sound monotonous, but it remains non-negotiable if you want to maintain thicker and healthier-looking hair. The reality is simple; Different hair types demand specific products that cater to their unique needs. For instance, volume-building conditioners and shampoo are your best bet if you have fine hair since they can boost its appearance and sheen. On the other hand, shampoos and conditioners that moisturize and tame frizz are the best products to use if you have coarse hair. 

  • Eat smarter

Many experts agree that a diet rich in healthy fats is crucial for thick and healthy hair. There is no denying that genetics determine your hair’s texture and curl, but your diet plays a key role in how your genes will be expressed. Therefore, consume a lot of high-quality protein and good fats like omega-3s and olive oil. Nuts, vegetables, salmon, and fruits are some of the most common sources of these proteins and other key nutrients for growing stronger hair. Avocado is also a particularly excellent fruit to consume since it is a great source of biotin that promotes thicker and shinier hair.

  • Take supplements

A good hair supplement can make all the difference when seeking fuller and healthier-looking hair, especially if you take it along with a multivitamin. Numerous fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins are essential to growing healthy hair follicles. However, your diet may not always contain these nutrients, so supplements are a more direct approach to getting them. However, it is always best to take your supplements along with a healthy diet. Some of the best supplements for hair growth include zinc, iron, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, and biotin options.


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