Everyone likes to feel pampered and treated sometimes, but we can’t always afford a luxury spa day or expensive manicure. But there are plenty of beauty treatments you can do from the comfort of your own home though. Indulging yourself can be cheaper and easier than ever! So here are some Beauty Treatments You Can Do From Home:

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You don’t need to go to a salon to get your nails polished every time. There are plenty of nail polishes now in a variety of colours and finishes. Invest in a high-quality manicure set; with clippers, files and cuticle tools, and they will last you years. Applying multiple thin layers will make your manicure last for longer than one or two thicker layers of paint. And don’t forget your toenails as well!


High quality face masks and treatments are available in many shops now, and you can even buy salon products straight from the spa. Just dim the lights and give yourself an hour to relax and calm. You can even make your own face masks using natural ingredients.

Hair Treatment

From hot oils to deep hair masks, there is a treatment for every hair type. Again, you can even make your own here. Avocado and honey act as deep moisturisers, while apple cider vinegar cleanses and eliminates excess oils.

Teeth Whitening

Whilst dramatic changes are only obtainable from a professional, minor teeth whitening is achievable at home. Strips and gels are available to purchase from most brands, but you’d be pleasantly surprised at what a difference a home-made mixture can make. Baking soda and peroxide are very efficient, but only use them in small doses.

Underarm Whitening
Ever raise your hands and notice the skin in your armpits is darker than the surrounding skin? Dark armpits is a common problem that can be easily treated from home using skin whitening creams and many do it yourself natural methods. This website has the best underarm whitening advice available. Make sure you see a doctor if you think there is an underlying health issue.

Hair Removal

Home waxing is for the brave and fearless one amongst us. Leg and bikini waxing may seem like ones better left to the professionals, but upper lip and armpits can be done at home. Give yourself plenty of time and space, and do not rush. There are many hands kits available now and tutorials online.

Skin Tag Removal

Whilst skin tags don’t generally affect our health, they can become irritating and annoying. There are a variety of products for skin tag removal on the market, but proceed with caution and check with your doctor if there is anything you are unsure of.

Eyebrow Grooming

Whilst a complete re-style and shape may be best left to the experts, general upkeep and maintenance can easily be done at home. Use clean, sharp tweezers, and only remove a couple of hairs at a time. Make sure you keep stepping back and checking your progress in the middle, as you don’t want to over pluck.


Is there anything more fabulous than walking out of a hair salon with perfectly curled and luscious hair? While blowdrys and styling may feel like a luxury, you could try to recreate yours at home. It’s best attempted on fresh hair with clean brushes, find a tutorial online and get styling!

Most of these treatments can be easily achieved with things you’ll already have in your home. So next time you fancy a pampering, but you’re conscious of costs, try a DIY one instead!

What beauty treatments do you do at home?

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