Maybelline Master Prime Primer – Blur + Illuminate


Maybelline Master Prime Primer bases are new permanent face primers for Spring 2015 and come in three formulations: Blur and Smooth (White); Blur and Illuminated (Pink); and Blur and Redness Control (Green). Today I will be talking about the Blur + Illuminate primer.

The claims are:
Visually blurs imperfections and smoothes skin surface
Primes skin by enhancing complexion for an illuminated start
Lightweight non-oily formula
Does not clog pores

I am a big fan of dewy luminous skin since most recently my skin has done a 180 from oily to combination/dry with the occasional dry patches in the winter months. As such, I decided I would opt for the Blur + Illuminate primer over the other two.

The Blur + Illuminate has a light pink pearlized tint with very very fine shimmer that creates an illuminated look, and when applied to the skin, it gives the skin a subtle beautiful glow. I did not notice much of a blurring effect but it did provide extra hydration and illuminates the skin leaving skin glowing without looking oily or shiny.



The texture is a very thin lightweight primer that feels very much like a moisturizer. It absorbs easily into the skin. If you have dry skin, this consistency is going to feel great as it feels like you are moisturizing your face. It leaves the skin smooth and soft.

Keep in mind that this primer is not going to make your pores go away; it says nothing about making your pores smaller or shrinking them. It doesn’t say it will increase the wear time of your makeup. This is a primer you wear when you want a nice smooth hydrated base for your makeup. This is great to use under ‘matte’ foundations.

It is a very nice primer, a lot better than some high end ones I have tried and I recommend this for those who love to have glowing luminous skin like me.

Availability: Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart,
Price: US $7.94, CAD $12.96 – prices varies depending on your drugstore

Disclosure: This product was purchased by Face to Curls for review purposes.
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